Male Bonding2

For those who like to explore the concept and dynamics of male bonding. Men are socialized in different ways in different societies, and so many men would like to have close male friendships, yet after spending time establishing a career, primary relationship and live in general, find themselves without close male friends. Many of us want male friends with whom we can share openly without...

Canada and US

Hey, guys. I'm Pepe. I'm new to the community and I am planning a backpacking in Canada and US. Just wondering if you guys happen to live there and which cities. I'm still open to suggestions about what to visit (of course I know about...

Naked Roadtrip: SF to LA

hey men - I'll be making my way from SF to LA and back between Xmas and Jan 2 and will be naked as much as possible. Looking for recommendations on where to go and what to do - hopefully sharing in some quality naked male bonding along the way....


I've noticed recently that urinals are increasingly being built with dividers and no longer open. There's something exciting about peeing next to other guys, and I miss it. Nothing sexual about it, but I feel like most guys like to peek a...

Lost them Both

I've posted before about bonding with both my biological father and stepdad. It's been a tough few months for me as they are both gone now. My stepdad died three years ago and I still miss him greatly. My biological dad passed away suddenly...

Man or Couple in Cologne or Munich?

Hey, all! Looking for a str8 male or couple , 20-40 years old, true nudists, who can accommodate for 3 nights around the 12th of January? I speak German and we can also talk via Skype

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Any nudists in Denver?

Hey guys. I am a Colorado boy, through and through but due to me working 80+ hours, I dont get to hang out as much. I recently started driving for Uber/Lyft to get me out there instead of my routine go to work, go home. Go to work, go home. Lol. That...

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Young Men Attacking Older Naked Men in the...

What is happening in the USA? Nudity in the men's locker room was the norm, and encouraged. But as the old generation fades away, the new generation is pushing the naked ideas out of the locker rooms. Here is a video I made about the above...

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Married buds that Sound

Hey guys, So I was watching porn with the wife and we happened upon a scene where the woman was sounding the guy. It turned us both on so I decided that I wanted to try it. I ordered some sounds from Amazon (thank god for the internet!) and have been...


Hi Guys , I am a single guy who lives lone in Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India .If any of you travelling around and would like to connect do feel free to get in touch .I would be happy to host . Cheers KC

Male Bonding in Western NYS

Bi-curious guys in Western NYS looking for GUYS ONLY to do guy stuff with.

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