Male Erection Acceptance Group

A group for men and women who accept that men sometimes get erections and they cannot be helped. This isn't a sign of sexual attraction but a natural thing. Requirements to join!! MUST BE CERTIFIED Absolutely "NO" Private, Or "This user only allows picture/video access to friends," Blank or Empty profiles. Must have at least 2 full frontal nude photos including your face....

Voyeur / Exhibitionist

Who doesnt like to see a boner sticking straight out and proud? Trying to get a Skype group started again where we can chat be erect hands free and not worry. No wank there are enough groups for that

Erection exposing group on Skype

Anyone want to get involved in a Skype group where we expose erections? Maybe we can measure them, compare, chat, maybe not wank but just exposing and bonding with our erect penises.

Latest PostI like that!
by nnnescio 
Are Boners Contagious?

Been randomly speaking about this subject the last few days and seems to be an interest in discussion, so here it is. Do you think erections are contagious like a yawn? Im not talking about self pleasure hard ons. Im talking about say at a beach or...

Skype group

Myself and a member on here started a group of Christian men who like to chat share pics and be open with erections. They are healthy to have and pop up randomly (at least when I cam mine does). Hands free! Natural. Not many of us in the group but...

Appreciation for what happens naturally

Love everything about this. It is so refreshing to see a group that is all for accepting erections. My boyfriend and I get them regularly and if were hanging out with another guy, I believe, that there is no judgment as it happens naturally, were...

First Time at a Nudist resort.

I recently visited my first nudist resort with my girlfriend (also a nudist) (Cypress Cove). The one thing I was a little worried abut is that I would get a stonker on, being my first time among everyone and its all in the mindset. just walked out...

Erections are Natural

Still strange that people still find something that is natural, as something to be ashamed of. Though as you get older they can be few and far between, damned blood pressure medication.

Love to

I think a penis looks it's very best when erect

Why are clothes required anywhere?

This question is not facetious nor is it intended to be flippant. Rather, it is the outgrowth of a conversation that I recently with a 20-year friend of mine. I had decided to ask several friends and neighbors whether they would object of be...

During the night

Okay I have to ask ! I was sleeping last night. Normal night, no stimulation, no pills, nothing to get me hard. Well I could not turn over last night. I was pointing to the ceiling all night ! I would just wake up enough to feel that yes I am still...


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