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Help in bedroom

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Not sure if my issue started here but about seven years ago I was having an unrelated issue and had an MRI. That showed a baseball size tumor on my kidney. Most of my kidney was removed and everything was okay. Fiv years of checkups and no issues. About the fourth year in it was discovered that I had Hodgkins Lymphoma. Caught very early and had an IV study drug no chemo or radiation its presently in remission. On about my six year anniversary for kidney issue Dr checks my PSA , normally for me 0.76. It jumped two point 2.85. Another MRI and he thinks I have prostate cancer. I looked at the scan and definitely a dark area in prostate. He does a biopsy on it and it comes back negative for cancer, thank god! All of this has taken a toll on me mentally but Im okay with whatever comes next, my wife on the other hand watches over me and anytime I say ow or say I dont feel well she trys to become a personal Dr. Now during all this Ive been going soft in the middle of having sex and cant get it back up for nothing. Ive tried pills and now they have me on testosterone cream and Im still having problems. Wife thinks its her and I know its taking a toll on us. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I do have a Dr but sometimes I just need to know if there are more out there. Thanks for reading

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RE:Help in bedroom

This is maybe a little late but there are some great herbs if its not cancer related. Nettle root, saw palmetto and horsetail. Also things for keeping the erection such as ginkgo with horney goat weed etc. Id highly suggest going to see a medical herbalist for this kind of thing. There is real hope

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