Manscaping & Male Grooming

The modern man should take pride in his appearance. This group is dedicated to educating the modern male nudist on how to tend to such matters as manscaping and general male maintenance. The aim is for this group to be the No. 1 destination for all of your male grooming questions. Come share your hints, tips and how-to's as well as posting your creations. The group is for guys by guys but...

Has anyone used a home permanent hair...

I would love to permanently remove some of my hair. Amazon has some laser units for home use. Does it really work?

Razor Blades - What do you use?

Hi! I have tried several razor blades and find that the ones with the triple blades work best. Do you all have a preference? I user an electric razor to remove hair first if I haven't shaved for a few weeks. Then it is easier to shave using a...

Pre-Photoshoot Manscaping

So as the founder of this group I have always been advocate of manscaping as much or as little as you like or need to. I like some hair on a guy but believe it can still be well kept and neat. When lockdown was announced in the UK, I decided I would...

Waxing in East Midlands

Fully qualified and insured mens waxing specialist. All Aspects of mens waxing from Head to toes and everything in between. Have a shop in Nottinghamshire. :) I wax my own balls every 5/6 weeks.

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what are you doing?

I screw my body very very short in the summer, and I shave all year my balls and my penis.

Hi guys

Just saw this group, definitely something for me! I've been shaving my pubics for years, also my ass. Totally smooth!

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trimming or shaving ?

Hi all.... if you are in the bay area and you looking for a firm hand help you out, I may be the guy! I had been doing body grooming for several years now just let me know. Cheers Smothboy4u.

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Grooming in northern Illinois.

Would like to find friends that like to look their best trimmed or smooth. Can host to trim or shave.

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by skier4u4 
Prefer smooth or a thin landing strip

I tend to shave fully smooth but every now and again I prefer a thin landing strip. Smooth is so much easier for naked sun bathing and getting the sun tan lotion rubbed in well.