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The modern man should take pride in his appearance. This group is dedicated to educating the modern male nudist on how to tend to such matters as manscaping and general male maintenance. The aim is for this group to be the No. 1 destination for all of your male grooming questions. Come share your hints, tips and how-to's as well as posting your creations. The group is for guys by guys but...


Looks like a good day to manscape. Would nice to have a helper for those hard to reach pleases!

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The smooth feeling

I love the smooth feeling all around my balls and anus. I don't mind shaving with a razor and gel, you just have to take your time and use baby oil after you are clean and dry. Stay smooth Guys and Gals !!

Question about shaving and spray tans...

So my other half has a free spray tan..she tanned the other day and it looks great, but a few years ago I tried a spray tan and it did not "stick". She suggested I least from the waist down so that the spray with stick better....


I have no problems finding a mate that can shave me (mutual )but haven't yet found a mate that can wax without causing excruciating pain. If you r out there let me know.

Richmond Virginia

Anyone local?

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Found a place that does waxing for men. She has reasonable prices I thought and then some. She does a quality job in a reasonable time. The wax used didnt rip apart my skin but did the job.

Like being smooth but hard to do

Have been shaving my cock and balls but not doing as good as a job as I would like does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove hair from balls safely. Is there any service that does this? I am in Wisconsin and need some help.

Waxing is a bit sore but best

Ive had a full Brazilian waxing twice in the last two years. Yes its sore when being done but it feels great afterwards. And the hairs are soft when they grow back, not stubbly and scratchy like after shaving. I for one will not be shaving again....

What's current

So what's the current trend for men out there right now? I used to have a landing strip and then completly shaven, but I got lazy and am now full on Bush, which is fine. Am just wondering if there is a current or popular trend with men right...