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The modern man should take pride in his appearance. This group is dedicated to educating the modern male nudist on how to tend to such matters as manscaping and general male maintenance. The aim is for this group to be the No. 1 destination for all of your male grooming questions. Come share your hints, tips and how-to's as well as posting your creations. The group is for guys by guys but...

Am ready anytime

Hi everyone,am Jennifer and am on here looking for a nudist freind whom we could both exhange pictures regularly my number is= +1 607-325-1079 my google My WhatsApp +1(607)3767662 My zangi. 1065996167. My signal...

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Sugaring for hair removal...

I "bit the bullet" last month and went for a "Brozilian" and butt sugaring session. It was amazing and much less painful than waxing. My only regret is being somewhat conservative in how much I had the aesthetician take off. My...

hair removal creme

I use veet spray all over body fantastic results spray on 4 mins later wash off so easy and effective

What do you prefer, shaving or waxing?

I like waxing!!! It wasn't easy the first time, but since then it has become easier to get done. To me, waxing lasts longer than a shave.

Freshly manscaped!

Ahhhh, nothing quite like the feeling of being freshly shaved and lotioned up! Had been a few days and was getting stubbly, but broke out the new razor in the shower, plenty of gel shave lotion, and, Voila! Smooth as can be. Airing the boys out a...

Home laser products

Has anyone tried any of the home laser products? i have seen several advertised on social media.

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Waxing in Austin TX?

Does anyone have a good waxer in Austin? I'd like to see a male. Thanks Feel free to message me if you don't want to post

Getting an erection during a waxing

Guys who get waxed, has this happened to you? How did you deal with it? How did your waxer deal with it ? Pre covid I had regular waxings for a couple of years and have recently started again. Its happened to me a few times to varying degrees but...

Finding someone to do the manscaping

I'm not even sure what to do much less what would look good on me. How do I find a professional to provide such services.

Am new here

Hi! Im a widowed with one Son called Oswald who is 4 years of age I lost my husband through commercial road accident..when you wish to talk to me you can text me on google chat on this email

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