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Naturist Action Committee Request

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The Naturist Action Committee of the Naturist Society has requested that interested Florida Residents write to their Florida representatives regarding proposals to Florida Statutes that would permit clothing optional areas on state beaches. Please read the NAC item, follow their guidelines, and give ourselves a chance to bring a legal clothing optional beach to the west coast of Florida.

The site is the first article on the NAC page:

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RE:Naturist Action Committee Request

Any legislative activity on the bills or did the contagion hysteria shut that progress also? The unimpeachable HEALTH benefits of naturism should always be a part of our advocacy. We should be free to pursue activities that help us stay healthy.
#HealthIsWealth #HealthIsFreedom #HealthIsKeyToHappiness

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RE:Naturist Action Committee Request

We really need this to happen... would be a boon to tourism....!


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