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This is a place where all members/former members of the naturist society can get together and discuss personal concerns and share stories about resorts and naturist issues. Nudism seems to be the last TABOO!

Renewal for TNSF was just mailed out to US

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I have never been so excited to get a piece of mail. Apparently, they did not get my message about our absolute disgust with their political activity - and allowing politics to become part of their organization! Told them to find another sucker / loser to get funding from. Then happily sent a donation to AANR (the major nudist organization in USA) of what would have been our annual membership fees. Happy to support nudity and naturism - - too many GREAT organizations working to expand nudist options!! Tampa Bay Free Beaches and AANR are great options! So many people talk about taking action.... but GREAT NUDIST support nudist organizations!! LOVE and NAKED hugs to ALL!!

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