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Boners Among Men

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This has, no doubt, already been covered. If that's the case, please forgive the repeat.

Get a bunch of men together and it's fairly likely that someone is going to pop a boner at some point. And, no, it's not guaranteed, but it is likely. However, men do like talking about sex, which frequently leads to boners.

So, here's the question. If you're with a bunch of your male friends and you're all nude, how would you respond if one of them popped a boner? Maybe you'd just totally ignore it -- no big deal -- normal and natural -- would be more surprised if someone didn't pop a boner. Or, , what? How would you/do you respond? If you see a boner, do you have a tendency to pop one yourself? Yawns are contagious -- boners can also be contagious.

What if a guy pops a boner and then sports it around -- calls attention to it? Is that ok or is that crossing a line? If one guy starts calling attention to his boner, do you think that would be likely to cause other guys to pop boners?


Here's my opinion on the subject -- and I recognize that I'm probably way off to one side on this.

I believe boners are normal and natural. They are how male bodies are made. By means of ultrasound, we know that boys have erections and masturbate before they are born. Thus, boners should not be a source of shame or anything to be shocked about. Boners should not cause any affront or alarm. It's just a cock doing what a cock is supposed to do. And I go so far as to say that it shouldn't matter who is there and sees it -- men, women, adults, children, boys, and girls. It's just an erect cock. No one was ever harmed by merely seeing or being in the presence of an erect cock.

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RE:Boners Among Men

Totally agree and you can lessen this happening by emptying the guns first. However, sometimes just makes you more excited.

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RE:Boners Among Men

For me, I grew up in a home where clothing was very optional. I saw erections growing up and never felt threatened by them. I am however cautious about erections at family nudist resorts. I know they are not usually accepted there, even though it does happen and has often happened to me. When in this type setting I either cover my erect penis or roll over. Others here have indicated they do the same. It is not because I am ashamed or embarrassed by my erection, in fact I love the feeling of being hard, but it is to keep from offending someone else. I agree in that I think it is ashamed that many younger men may fear participating in nudist venues due to erection fear. I have often gone to an all male clothing optional venue near my home. Erections are much more common there and are never seen as a bad thing. I have been around other nude men at a guys home and erections, while not always present, do happen and seem to be a non-issue. I do know we don't shame women for erect nipples, which happen when cool or aroused and for my wife, hers look erect about all the time, even when soft. So why shame a man who has a cock that still works well and does what it was designed to do, get erect? As I said earlier, I love the way my penis feels when it is erect. I do not mind, and in fact enjoy seeing other guys who are happy, comfortable and able to be erect. So for me, if we are together and either of us get hard, so be it.

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RE:Boners Among Men

It took me a few years of going to nude beaches and resorts to get comfortable enough that the erections happen pretty naturally now from time to time. The nerves are quite a bit more relaxed knowing the environment is so chill. I see boners almost every time I'm at a nudist event and that's ok. I have also displayed one of my own from time to time.

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