Natural Breasts Are Best

This group is for women with natural breast and those who appreciate women who have natural breast.

I love my natural breasts, and truly believe...

When I was young and in college, because of my large bust, I got a lot of first dates. And sometimes a second date, but then I wouldn't get another call from the guys. And in college their was a ton of sex going on. And if girl was going to...

There was a time when I considered breast...

There are dilemmas that women face at various stages of life pertaining to their body and sometimes it may not be about lack of confidence but over attention or awkward situations. Since my 20s Id get massive attention because of my boobs. In malls,...

Natural Breasts Are Best

Yes agreed, they are such a gorgous part of the female body, whether big or small, pert or drooping, whether firm or soft, and with nipples and ariolas equally being of any shape, size or colour, all so nice to feel or just watch them as they...

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New to the group

Hi All, I'm Kate from Ireland. I'm 30 and happy to say I have lovely natural 36E's boobs and large areola. I'm so proud of my "twins". Would love to hear from other natural ladies from all over :-)

New here , to say hello

Hello members, well, i like this site and yes i am new here, thanks for letting me join in your group , i have big breasts, on the odd occaision that i wear a bra (i hate them, i am also convinced they squash nipples ) i wear a uk size 38 F, so just...

Large natural breasts 34H

Just posting here as this group celebrates the large breasted nusists and well.Im from Australia and you cant buy clothes and bras come.from germany for that size 14H or 12J simply not made here. Being a nudist with large breasts is just more...

Naked People Photo Project

Hello, check out my new project out and send your photos if you want :)

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Hello, I'm new to the site und to the group. Personally, as long as they're natural, I really don't care about the size.

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Tucson, Az. Area

I think I have pretty and all Natural titties

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Celebrating All Natural Breasts!

Since this group celebrates all natural breasts :) Friendly, genuine comments welcome!

Latest PostBeautiful
by SBNudeGuy 

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