No Manscaping For Us

This group is for men who don't believe in clipping or shaving body hair, especially pubic and ball hair. We believe in celebrating body hair!

A New Identity

It is sad to think that it became deplorable for the majority of men to have a full bush, and shaving them became the standard. Now a days we are subject to disdain because we choose to display our groins as they should be seen. I think we should...

Man or Boy look for the hair around his...

Was so excited about age ten when I saw my first pubic hair above my penis. The patch if hair grew quite a bit by age 11 and I liked showing it off when ever possible. I knew I was on the road to being a man. SO now why would I want to return to...

Pubic Hair

For me there is nothing more enjoyable than my pubic hair. It feels so wonderful to stoke it and feel its softness against my hand. I am glad I will not conform to others who want me to shave it. I love my bush and very proud of it.

Make Some Noise!

HONK if you think hairy nuts are cool! Or. . . .add to this post to be counted as a hairy nuts aficionado!

What do YOU think?

Some years ago, when first noticing gray hairs in my bush, I became bit frantic about the process of aging. I got the bright idea to try dying my bush to "wash the gray away", bought a box of that "Just For Men" stuff. I purchased...

Would you shave for a body-building show?

I've been asked by fellow trainer at gym where I work to train with her for body-building contest. Amateur. Would be our first. Told her, sure. Have added 10 pounds so far. 10 more to add. Question. My friend now says I should shave. I said heck...

Bush maintenance - Conditioner

Gday FellasDoes anyone else use hair conditioner on their bush to keep it soft and tangle free?Tony

Tried out the Smooth Side

So, how many of you here have tried out the "smooth side"? I usually like to try things out before I say whether I like them or not. So, I've been shaved before. I liked it for a little bit. Then, the itching started. And I also looked...

All Guys Have It

Perineum, that is, the unmentioned part of our male bodies. For me it's one of my most sensuous erogenous ones and it's hardly ever referred to or compared with other guys'--such as we do with penis size or a great looking ass. Yet,...


A QUICK REMINDER - To be accepted in this group you must haveAT LEAST 1 full frontal nude photo, visible to others with face showing. If you do not complywith this, make sure to update your profile accordingly prior tosubmitting your request or else...

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