No Manscaping For Us

This group is for men who don't believe in clipping or shaving body hair, especially pubic and ball hair. We believe in celebrating body hair!


When i was a kid, i would go to my local pool to swim, however most of my time there would be spent in the male change rooms / showers just looking at naked men's hairy penis. I amazed me how hairy they get and that men were so comfortable having...

Pubic Hair

For me there is nothing more enjoyable than my pubic hair. It feels so wonderful to stoke it and feel its softness against my hand. I am glad I will not conform to others who want me to shave it. I love my bush and very proud of it.

Young Guys + Back Hair

It's great to be party of a virtual community that supports our natural looks! While body hair is making a comeback, back hair still carries a stigma for some -- especially for younger men. I'm only recently comfortable showing off my back...

Would you like more body hair?

Im curious how many in our group would like to have thicker or more body hair if possible? I had brittle nails last year and asked my doctor what should I do? He recommended I start using biotin supliments to see if it worked. Its over the counter...


Any other men love any opportunity to get a glimpse at another man's pubes/bush? As with my previous post, ever since i was a kid i was fascinated how hairy a man's penis got and loved hanging out in the male chsnge rooms to see naked men...

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The first thing I look at is a man's...

I cant help it, is anyone else the same? does it make me superficial ?

Proud Of My Pubes

I lovemy nice hairy bush, am proud of it, would never do anything to change or modify it (not even a'trim'). I like it wild and hairy, the way it was meant to be. What's more, I'm proud being a nudist, so others can see and...

Nature's Picture Frame

Our bodies are beautiful, they're God's masterpiece of creation and each one of us is a work of art, right? Of course, penises are a very special part of our anatomy, deserving of extra attention. To parallel the "work of art"...

Show your natural bush

More of my hairy cock n balls

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by NudeGuySI 
Man or Boy look for the hair around his...

Was so excited about age ten when I saw my first pubic hair above my penis. The patch if hair grew quite a bit by age 11 and I liked showing it off when ever possible. I knew I was on the road to being a man. SO now why would I want to return to...

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