Non-smoker Nudists

A group for nudists who are non-smokers.

Hello Group Members

I hate to see a good group go to waste, but I haven't seen much action. Therefore, Id like to see just how many people actually take the time to read this message. So, if youre happy and you know it, tell us why you joined this group and why you...

Non smoker from New Zealand

Hi fellow non smoker Naturists , Kiwi Naturist Steve from New Zealand. I have been a Naturist for many years visiting clubs, Katikati Naturist Park, and visiting Nudist Beach. Most of us Kiwis are non smokers. Very rare to see fellow Naturists smoke...

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Quit 20 years ago

I quit 20 yrs ago best life decision ever More money, better sex and smell better lol

I stopped smoking at school

I used smoke with my mates at school. Once I left school. Stopped smoking. It was interfering with my lifestyle

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Non-smoker nudists

Whenever I look at my group's list, I see "Non-smoker nudists," the number of members, and the word "Quit." Wouldn't life be simpler if all we had to do to stop smoking was click on "Quit"?

Does second hand smoke...

...bother any of you? I don't care for the smell. I really dislike it when someone is smoking andthesmell sticks to my hair and clothing.

hello and welcome

hello and welcome to all the new members of non-smoking nudists

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Lots of new members!

Welcome all! Please introduce yourselves.

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Kissy Kissy

One reason some people stop smoking is to have better smelling breath and better tasting mouths. Who knows how many relationships smokers have missed out on because the partner couldn't stand the bad smell or the bad taste!

Possible New Jersey legislation, beach...

The New Jersey Senate is considering banning smoking on beaches. That doesn't mean that it will pass. In New Jersey, smoking is already banned in restaurants, bars, and workplaces, except for the Atlantic City casinos. Whether this would apply...


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