Normalising Nudity

A group for people with a common interest in using nudism/naturism to normalise nudity in society, and promoting healthy attitudes to the human body. We will share ideas, events, media, etc. that will help make non-sexual nudity acceptable generally and not only in reserved areas. Society's attitudes towards nudity lead to unreal expectations about appearance, shame, and ignorance of what a...

National Nude Day, July 14th.

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With today being National Nude Day, how can we best go about promoting nudity in today's society?

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RE:National Nude Day, July 14th.

IF You spend YOUR Life waiting for some anonymous stranger in some #USgovt cubicle hundreds or thousands of miles away from where YOU Live who You have never met before & who doesnt know YOUR name & could honestly care less about YOUR FREEDOM LIBERTY & HAPPINESS ( whose Salary Rent/Mortgage Vacations Retirement YOU contribute too ) to write a 1 page memo to dictate that 1 ( ONE ) day each Year YOU are Permitted to Express YOUR SELF FREELY, THEN YOU are not FREE but a prisoner living on a plantation waiting for handout crumbs when YOU ACTUALLY LIVE on a Beautiful Abundant Planet where We do not need such rules or rulers.

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