Normalising Nudity

A group for people with a common interest in using nudism/naturism to normalise nudity in society, and promoting healthy attitudes to the human body. We will share ideas, events, media, etc. that will help make non-sexual nudity acceptable generally and not only in reserved areas. Society's attitudes towards nudity lead to unreal expectations about appearance, shame, and ignorance of what a...

I Find It Interesting That...

Return to Discussions organization that is supposed to be lobbying for our rights to be nude. Actually has a vested interest in keeping public nudity at the very least illegal. That's the AANR. Too many resorts that more likely than not probably make up the board.

Und they see widespread acceptance of public/social nudity as being harmful to their bottom line. BUT if they stop und think about it. In reality the opposite is true. As there are plenty of commercial versions of things that people do everyday for free. Such as rock climbing or tanning.

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