North East USA Nudists.

A group for nudists in the North East part of the USA to chat and meet up.


Any others nearby?

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by beunbad 
Rhode Island Nudist

Hey all I was wondering if there is any place other then the Nudist camp ground in Foster to go nude at.


Looking for people around western pa. Not into resorts. Too much pressure for us.

Thanks for adding us to the group

Hello fellow nudist. I'm Dan and have a profile with my long time wife Chris. We live in Orange county NY. Mid 50's couple who enjoy social nudism. Been to a few different camps in NY and NJ over the last few summers. Love to make new...

2023 Eastern Naturist Festival Back in...

Probably should have posted this here before now and don't know how many of yu have heard of this or have been to it before, but the Eastern Naturist Festival is comeing back to MA in July 2023. Here is the link with the info:...

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by BiNaturist2 
New Hampshire

Just wanted to bump the group. From New Hampshire and look to chat with others in region, maybe even connect for hanging out.

Group/Group Members Still Active??

Just wanted to inquire if this group and its current members were still active?? I joined TN a few weeks ago and am slowly building my profile on here and trying to make new connections. I live in Philadelphia and am looking to make new friends and...

How much is too much? Or Its a bling thing!

I saw a group for Body Jewelry and I wanted to start a discussion. For this discussion, lets only consider body jewelry for woman. Personally, I think the body is perfect completely naked. In fact, I dont even feel naked with only slippers on. Im...

NYC nudist living in the Poconos - Pike...

hello pike county nudist, in the summer i frequent sunny rest and the woods campground. great places for the pool and socializing but sometimes my vibe is more with smaller groups, on my boat or hanging in the yard or hikes. if you are nearby hit me...


New to the Cape and here. Hope to meet like minded folks on the Cape and South Shore.