Nude And Driving

Are you someone who tries to get nude behind the wheel. Yes I did too. And when I was on a small trip across 3 states, I was nude for nearly 3-4 hrs.. Of course I kept the clothes handy and close if in case needed. Share your story !!! and fun moments !!! Join my drive

Drive nude butt

One thing I have done when i get the chance to drive nude is to wear a surong. I can unwrap/untie it at the waist and just sit on it. When/if I have to get out or get pulled over its quick to re-wrap and you are covered. I had a friend who made...

Nude driving

I love to take trips nude in town and interstates

Mitch Canada

I love nude driving in my car...cock out j have done it a few times....want to do more

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Nudists in Western N.C., and Upstate S.C

Whom in this group, enjoys nude driving, especially at night, where you feel more secure, and comfortable?

longest drives.

I have driven several trips nude, only putting something on to get gas! My first one was from LA to Monmouth lakes back in the 70s, then convinced a friend to do the trip with me where he did the refueling from san Diego and back. I have driven out...

Mobile to Sugarland texas

Couple years back, while working just west of Houston, I was driving from NC to TX. Once I got almost to Mobile Alabama it got almost dark. I proceeded to drive the remaining 8 hrs completely nude. Even filled up at those 24 hr at the pump gas...

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when driving around town

When driving around Los Angeles, I will drive nude on the freeways only at night! Los Angeles is a huge city and it is great to just go out at night and drive to see the city lights when the heavy traffic is gone.

Heading home from naked camping

I like going to clothing optional camps a love driving home naked from where ever. Of course keep pair of shorts in truck incase need them if have to stop before get to house Just so much better drive naked I think.

Driving to work in the back roads.

The last time I drove out to the land site to do cut brush and clear out dead trees, I decided to drive on the back roads nude. I work in the nude out there anyway so made a whole trip clothes free. Except for work boots. They are a must.

Taking a chance

I drove nude through most of my 1.25 hour drive along the 40-freeway from Russellville, AR to Fort Smith, AR through the state in the U.S. that I understand to have the most strict anti-nudity laws in the U.S. At one point, a state trooper drove at...