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Spring is Here

Spring is here. It will be several weeks before we get anything in the ground. The snow in the yard has dwindled from 3 feet deep to 2, but we may still get more. However, I celebrated by making plans to attend a communal Naked Garden Day event....

Any other Aussies on here?

I am @xgypsybellax on both Twitter and Instagram Everyone welcome

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Spring Planting

We have had some very warm weather this week and Bill has gotten a lot done in our garden, all nude of course. He started getting the soil prepared, rows laid off and before this last cold snap he did get the potatoes and onions in. As soon as the...

Busy weekend in the garden

Preparing for our winter planting - although next week is back to high 30's Celsius next week.. Very windy this weekend - north of perth WA

Creating a new vegetable garden

I will be outside digging up a new area to prepare the ground for some winter vegetables. I live on a few private acres in the bush that allows me to be nude a lot. Im new to the area so having people just dropping in is not something that would...

Hanging out nude near Dalby Queensland

Hello to all. Just offering, I will be gardening on my reasonably private 25 acre property this weekend 3rd and 4th February. If anyone would like to come and join in or just be nude, you are welcome.

Fall gardens . . . who is getting started?

I just bought my cabbage & collards for the fall garden. It was getting time to start planting the winter crop. My raised bed plot was throughly overgrown with weeds & required a little bit of effort to prepare. I figure that Ill add a little...

Our first freeze is upon us

Its early in the year for us but our first freeze is in the forecast. Were predicting 30-32F as lows for the next couple of days; thats brisk for us. My cabbage & collards are doing well & will stand the cold fine. But . . . my half dead tomatoes &...


I have an aeroponic garden, which is really nice given that we have a 60-day growing season where we live. The only problem is that I have to tend it clothed. Most all of our plants are in our south-facing sunroom, which unfortunately is on the...

seed gathering

Trying to gather seeds from what I grew. Larger seeds are easy to get. Anyone have tips for gathering small seeds for basil, rosemary, carrots, arugula, flowers, etc.

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