Nude Gardeners

A group for fellow gardeners from around the world.

Problem plants when gardening nude.

Do any members have plants which they avoid when nude as when I was planting the potatoes I didn't realise I was pushing against rhubarb leaves until the next morning when I had come out in a bad rash from the leaves including on my bottom so in...

spring garden

fall is gone for must of us, mid winter is passing, it's about time to be planning spring garden activities. Of course it varies greatly from Florida to Canada. In Florida it's already starting time for some things. In Canada it's like to...

When new people move in next door.

The single story house next door have new tenants moving in, but as most of the garden fence on that side is high enough not to be seen over it will be nude as normal in my garden, and if they decide to stretch up and look over the fence just too bad...


Yesterday was sunny and in the 40's here in the frozen northwoods. I got to spend some time naked in my greenhouse and it was so nice to feel the sun on my body and the earth below my bare feet. Even the smell of the dirt was intoxicating. So how...


The calendar says February, but we had a record high of 60 degrees here yesterday with pure sun. I spent the afternoon naked pruning fruit trees and cleaning up the yard. I don't ever remember being able to do that this early in the year.


In my experience I find that those things that involve learning about and working with nature, are such that the deeper I get into them the more interesting they get. While those topics, occupations, education, that involve man made things, the...

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Any plans for fall gardening?

What does everyone do when the fall weather finally hits and it's too cold to garden nude?

nutrient dense

or high brix as it's called sometimes, is a fertility system based on the work of a Dr Northern and Dr Cary Reams, who worked together, carried on by others since they passed on. Dr Northern was a medical doctor who discovered that disease is...

Group photo

The picture that I use for the group photo here is one that I got off the internet some time ago. I've thought of changing it to one of me out in the garden, but I think that may be too self-serving. So then I thought we should have the members...

Looking to connect with nature naturists :)

Hi,Love this group! I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the group.Would love to welcome new friends :) Especially those interested in getting fit, nude.Col.

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