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Nebraska gardeners

Hello and was wondering if there were any other nudists in Nebraska who like gardening?

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Anyone Grow or Use Loofah Sponges?

Last year a Lady asked me about luffa plants also called loofah which make sponges. I had no idea that sponges grew on plants. Anyway, was wondering if any of the Ladies on here use them or if anyone grows them. They are an interesting plant.


I have been unable to work these last couple of months so I have been spending a lot of time in the garden naked. One of the good things about the lockdown mode is that I'm not getting any "drop-ins" to cause me to have to get dressed....

Root balls

I recently saw and got a some root balls to do air layering of plants. Fairly cheap and easy to do. Search "root balls" on EBay or Amazon.

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Almost nude

Since my front yard is open to a busy street, total nudity is not an option when working there. I usually wear just gym shorts, no shirt or underwear. Would like to try even less. Two options come to mind. 1. A very short pair of tan through swim...

British naturism visit to a woodland garden

August 5th British Naturism High Beeches

Harvesting figs.

This nudist Is doing the right thing today. Outdoors in the orchard harvesting figs. Yes the fruit in abundance. Always sure to leave all the leaves on the fig trees. Who wants to wear one. No way !

Butterfly Gardens

Just getting my butterfly garden up and going this spring and summer. Can't wait see it mature! Butterflies are back here all the time already - they LOVE the lantana! I have yet to plant the milk weed! Any advice otherwise?

How hot is it?

As Robin Williams would say "It's hot - damn hot. It's so hot we can do some crotch pot cooking!" Here in the north woods of Michigan we rarely see 90 degree (F) (mid-30's (C) days. We have now had 5 in a row, and the 10 day...

Companion planting

Does any practice or know much about companion planting? I'm trying it for the first time. Like to know what plants do well together.