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fall garden

Has anyone ever started/grown a fall garden? Been reading about it in the magazine - Self-Reliance & Backwoods Home magazine. Much of the veggies to plant in the fall are leafy greens and root veggies. Like to hear about other's experiences with...

permaculture and nudism

Hello, I have been wondering about the overlap between the philosophies of nudism and permaculture. My garden is one of my favourite places to be naked, I feel at peace. It would seem to me that the ideas of working with nature (permaculture) and...

Saving Seeds

Who all is saving seeds this year? I am doing: cucumbers, yellow squash, okra, Christmas limas, pintos, butternut, snap peas and Blue Lake pole beans. My goal is two springs from now to do entire garden with my own seeds except for new stuff.

Vining Planats and inexpensive trellises

I posted a picture in the media (can't seem to do it in Discussion) on en inexpensive trellis with Christmas Limas. In addition to the limas it also can provide some enhanced privacy. I do several of these is anyone is interested.

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Weeds in garden

Now that I have my garden growing and still planting more seeds I am getting a lot of weeds. Over the winter it was covered in red clover and oats. I plowed that under and tilled it. It kept them at bay but this wet spring they came on. How do you...

Rough Growing Year

Anyone else have a rough season? Between the torrential down pours and the scorching heat it has been rough. Blight showed its ugly head in my tomatoes this year, killed 4 of my plants. The heat fried my cucumber vines, I replanted and the vines did...

Does anyone else grow luffa?

This is my third year growing luffa (loofah) and although this has been my toughest garden out of 23, the luffa are doing pretty well. First year got about 50 Second year about 150 and should get about that this year. Here is a picture of the...

Help: On PIctures

I posted the topic "Does anyone else grow luffa" and have added a picture twice and it disappears. Anyone know why?

Anyone growing hemp?

Do any of you grow hemp? This is my third year and I turn all of those buds into CBD oil.

Can it be fixed?

Where oh where has my naked gardening moderator gone, not noticing or not caring that we are all exited from the discussion for days and days....the tomatoes still grow but now I can't brag about em!


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