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Naked Gardening in the City

Hi all! New to the group, and the site in general. Just had a question! My family loves both gardening and being nude. However, we live in a city, and it's illegal to be nude anywhere that you may be seen. My neighbors have a clear view into my...


is pretty much anti nude weather time for my location. While it spends more time above freezing than below, it's not generally warm enough to work nude outside except rarely in an exceptional warm spell. I can't help but look forward with...


Yesterday was sunny and in the 40's here in the frozen northwoods. I got to spend some time naked in my greenhouse and it was so nice to feel the sun on my body and the earth below my bare feet. Even the smell of the dirt was intoxicating. So how...

Happy days

Remember the wonderful summer we've just enjoyed? I always enjoy looking back at photos of the summer.

Fall bonus

It has been quite warm here the last two days with temps in the high 70's and low 80's. It has been a real bonus to spend some naked time in the garden while being able to see the trees at their peak color. I do believe that this is the...

Harvest Update

The gardening season is winding down here in northern Michigan. Overall, it was a pretty good year. The apple and berry production was amongst the best I've ever had. The root crops of potatoes, carrots and beets were also better than average....

Extended season.

We seem to be having an extended growing season here in the UK. My clematis screens are flowering for the third time this year, and last week's wind, all the other plants are still thriving.

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