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Land clearing Australia 100km north of...

I need a handy person to clear and remove vegetation on my acreage in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland 100kms north of Brisbane near Forest Glen. Would need to wear boots . Very private land but with the rains last Winter and now the Summer heat the...

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Excited Gardening This Year

I have started seeds indoors. Some of the seeds are starting to sprout. I have to work on the garden to double its size and level it out. Love to work on the garden naturally. Anyone willing to help? ;)

chester and north wales

i would love to help anyone with there garden please let me know what you need doing

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after hurricane cleanup

Hey everyone. I am a longtime nudist in Ormond Beach Fl. Love working naked in my backyard most of the time but the cleanup after the storm was a dismal hard job. Luckily I could do a lot of it naked so it helped ease the drudgery of it all. I am...

fall garden up date

The arugula, &onions are doing well. Something dug up and ate all the beet seeds I planted. Only one carrot is beginning to grow.

Wow! What a weekend!

I'm covered from head to toe in dirt and mulch, scratches all over, face,shoulders and arms sunburnt, salty from sweat (yes, contrary to popular belief, women DO sweat!), my finger nails are broken and encrusted with dirt, my back, arms, legs,...

Lawn cutting

I did the lawn cutting yesterday in the nude for the first time for both the back lawn which i have cut before nude and the front lawn after deciding there was only a very low chance that anybody will be able to see that I was nude from the road and...


Since the temperature has cooled to highs in 70s, I got more tomatoes & a second harvest of pinto and black beans. Onions, beets & arugula love the cooler weather too.


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