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Naked Gardening Day

It'll be May 1 (Saturday) this year. Do you have plans? Ideas? We're in the southern hemisphere, so it'll be more about harvesting and finishing than planting and planning. But we're excited that we'll be in a new house with a...

World Nude gardening day - 1 May, Australia

Living in far North Queensland should be great 1 May for WNGD. Anyone in the north with ideas or a plan let us know, otherwise we will just do as we do daily and garden nude daily. But hope to share some garden ideas with others.

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backyard damp

i've noticed my yard especially the backyard isn't drying even though not muddy but when walking on it you can feel your shoes sinking a little , haven't had all that much rain and been in the 50's f most days of course colder at...

Experiment - Early start on garden

Another Garden experiment Between sitting home and cold weather decided to try another garden experiment. Collards are very cold hardy and some years ours winter over to provide early spring forage for the deer and rabbits. Since I have an...

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Anyone Grow or Use Loofah Sponges?

Last year a Lady asked me about luffa plants also called loofah which make sponges. I had no idea that sponges grew on plants. Anyway, was wondering if any of the Ladies on here use them or if anyone grows them. They are an interesting plant.

Starting veggies from seeds

So how many of you start your own vegetables from seeds? I usually start my warm weather plants in March in seed trays and use grow lights. It's been a long, cold winter here and I'm ready to get my hands dirty!

Growing hemp?

Does anyone grow their own hemp? I have been growing it for two years now and I make my own CBD oil as well as some balms.

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Almost nude

Since my front yard is open to a busy street, total nudity is not an option when working there. I usually wear just gym shorts, no shirt or underwear. Would like to try even less. Two options come to mind. 1. A very short pair of tan through swim...


I grow amaryllis - large Spring booms and variety of colors - anyone else?