Nude Gardeners

A group for fellow gardeners from around the world.

Fall bonus

It has been quite warm here the last two days with temps in the high 70's and low 80's. It has been a real bonus to spend some naked time in the garden while being able to see the trees at their peak color. I do believe that this is the...

Harvest Update

The gardening season is winding down here in northern Michigan. Overall, it was a pretty good year. The apple and berry production was amongst the best I've ever had. The root crops of potatoes, carrots and beets were also better than average....

Extended season.

We seem to be having an extended growing season here in the UK. My clematis screens are flowering for the third time this year, and last week's wind, all the other plants are still thriving.

Latest Post
UK weather , rain .

Like many keen gardeners , I've been struggling to keep plants watered. All water butts were empty , and when your on a water meter , think twice before getting a hosepipe out . So this morning it was lovely to see a steady downpour . It does...

Unexpected Visitor

Yesterday was a fantastic day for being in the garden and I got loads done.Today is another unexpected warm day, so I was back in the garden again.Pottering in the greenhouse I was surprised by an unexpected guest.She came straight into the garden as...

2500 members

Welcome Lucy4u2 who is our 2500th member of this group. We are one of the larger groups on TN and thanks to all of you gardeners!

Latest Post
Garden update

We are currently in the middle of a heat wave here in the north woods with temps today forecast to be in the upper 90's. It is nice though, to be able to go out in the garden naked at 7AM. It's been a crazy growing season. In mid-April we got...

When new people move in next door.

The single story house next door have new tenants moving in, but as most of the garden fence on that side is high enough not to be seen over it will be nude as normal in my garden, and if they decide to stretch up and look over the fence just too bad...

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