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Companion planting

Does any practice or know much about companion planting? I'm trying it for the first time. Like to know what plants do well together.

Its Spring Time- What are you doing?

I was able to get some yard stuff done, not really yardwork because I love nude gardening. Changing some rocks for some bricks. I hope you all post some pictures soon. Sometimes you inspire me to add flowers and stuff. I need to buy some...

Pulling weeds last October and then...!

Hi, gardening is fun. Especially when nude. However, I cannot garden in front of my house because of traffic going by even a couple hundred feet away. Last October on a nice warm day I was safely behind my home nude pulling weeds, when a car pulled...

winter projects

With 80 acres to mess with on a rough mountainside, it's way past due some development in the gardening farming direction. So, Been working on clearing fence row to close in several acres with old chainlink we have a bunch of. Top it with barb...

World Naked Gardening Day

This Saturday is World Naked Gardening Day and every year I try to get someone new to participate with me. Because of the lockdown we are under this year I won't be doing that. I will try to get some of my nudist friends to come over and spend...

In Praise of Hops

I have been home brewing beer for a few years. I bought some hop rhizomes to learn more about the primary flavoring ingredient. This is my third season of hops. I had been growing them on the deck in containers. I moved the containers to the ground...

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Looking for fellow nude gardners in North...

HI We are new to the site and hope to find fellow nude gardners who can share ideas about growing things in North Queensland. Most welcome to talk to others but with the current lockdown we might have to stay closer to home. FYI living on 1 acre...

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What to plant?

Today fixed my teller (naked) and created an extra row for veggies (naked). Should plant tomorrow, any suggestions. I have tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, brussels sprouts, beans, cilantro, carrots, spinach, jalapeno and radishes already planted.

First nude gardening of the year.

Today I got my first nude gardening of the year in mainly in the veg patch getting the ground ready to plant onion sets and the first potatoes of the year and the next couple of days it is also meant to be good weather so will be doing some more...

Bee Keeping Advice for CT

I live in Connecticut i live in a rural area on a land with 2 Acres hill country. I have ceared a small area for gardening. I want to keep one bee hive. I do not have any experience in bee keeping. So need advice from ground up. Thanks


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