Nude Geeks (Scifi, Computers)

If you love scifi, computers and all things geeky this is the place for you! I'm a geek and love sexy geeks. :-)

Shows that people miss!?

Farscape is at the top of my list. It was a very unique show that challenged a lot of norms, and encourages nudism for a while lol anyone else miss this or just me?

Star Wars!

So im a huge Star Wars fan, and i was wondering who else is, like whats your favorite movie, character, side of the force, etc.

Naked Trekkie

This group sounds right up my street. Love anything sci fit but do have a passion for Trek. Any other nude Trekkies out there?

'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' actor... (CNN)Aron Eisenberg, who played Nog from the Star Trek spin-off "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," has died, his widow said. He was 50. "He was an...

Latest Post

We have only just made the group but we are looking for people who play regularly on steam and want to be part of an active group of nudists playing computer games, we have set the group to private so that if you wish to join it must be through an...

When I say Who you say Doctor Who!

Okay Which doctor do you love? I'm all for Davaid T and Matt Smith! Yummy! Okay that was a girl reply but they are so cute and I'm have a thing for the brits! Curses!

Which shows are you excited are coming?

So we are about to have a host of shows start up their fall seasons.Which one are you the most excited for?

Doctor Who - Series 10

Surely in the Nude Geeks group someone besides me must be watching! What are you thoughts? New direction... a time for heroes. New companion. And Capaldi's final year as the Doctor. I'm not entirely sold on Bill yet, but I know it's a...


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