Nude Gun Owners

really, the title is all you need

1911 Sidearm

Anyone else a fan of the 1911 platform? What brands do yall have?

Any experience with a Ruger EC9s

Does anyone have any experience with the Ruger EC9s? I purchased one today and so far I like it, but I would like to know what experience anyone else has had with one.


I am a fantasy artist in Eastern Pennsylvania. I am always interested in amateur, female, models who would like to be the subject of my art.

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S&W M&P 40 caliber

Looking for other people that have a S&W M&P 40 to exchange notes with. Do you like the weapon?

Home nudist in headllights

Was out this morning about 4:00 am. Walked to the curb and a car up the street stopped (there's a stop sign posted). I was putting out the trash collection. I am certain the driver saw me. I walked back the way I'm came & into my garage....


Home nudist out around 3:30 am - 4:45 am. & I am open carry Glock G23 40m caliber.

Bucket Listing / Protest

If Killary wins the Presidency this pissed off nudist Patriot refuses to wear anything other than his weapon in public. Who's daring / brave enough to join me?

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Nudist Walker in Springfield Missouri

Will be a walkin' today after 12:30 p. m. & 2:00 p. m. Open carry.

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