Nude Housework

For anyone who does the housework in the nude.

Ironing nude

I have been ironing nude for years ,it's so much better you are more free to move around and you don't get all hot and sweaty , even love hoovering nude is great ,dusting is not as much fun as it goes over your body hair and sticks to you...

Wishing I had a buddy to help clean house

I live alone but always get more done when there are two working on things. Helps keep my energy up.

I absolutely love cleaning and doing chores...

Almost any task is better when naked but i especially love working hard and then taking a nice shower to complete the task!

Getting more done

Hi all: Im getting more done with stay at home. Hope everyone is well and calm. What have you been doing to lift your spirits during this time? Ive been making a good breakfast every morning and posting on Facebook about it. People respond! Ive also...

Clothes free chores

I have found that like most forms of work, doing housework clothes free can turn a chore in a productive enjoyable experience.


Have any of youburnt or scaldedyourself because you were doing something in the nude. I know one nudist who won't iron naked just in case and another who bunt her tummy on the iron. All I've done is scalded my hand a little and that would...


I love doing the house work naked, anyone in the chester and north wales area looking for someone please get back to me

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Even nudists have laundry. I've pared my clothing down to a minimum. This means I usually have to be naked while they are being washed, dried and ironed.

Caught Cleaning Naked by Delivery Driver

This happen about 3 years ago in the spring of 2016, when I actually had a couple days off from work. I'm still a little embarrassed by this when I was accidentally got caught by the delivery service. I had been cleaning the whole house all day...


Spent some of the day in the garden painting the garden walls. All done naked of course, no point having to get paint out of clothes when you can just jump in the shower and wash it off.