Nudes In Water

For anyone that likes to bend and in the water. Ocean to bathtub.

Me nude and water

From childhood playing naked in the kiddie pool in the back yard. To becoming a teenager skinny dipping naked in the ocean. As an adult have not lost my love of swimming naked in a pool or in the sea. Outdoor showers at Nudist Resorts. If you live...


Love swimming nude feels so much better . Al grateful to have a local nudist swim by me

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Water running down your body

I especially like the water that flows along my body in the shower or coming out of a bath at home or by the sea. It gives me a feeling of well-being without a jersey that sticks to your skin. And you?


We opened the pool on Sunday so skinny dipping season is officially here in Mesa, AZ!!

Nude in water

Weather in pool a hot tub or shower makes me horney with friends even better

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Have you ever bathed in a quiet pond?

I had the opportunity several times to bathe naked during the day in a forest pond away from roads and highways but in a non naturist space: its wonderful! After seeing that the places are deserted, it is good to undress completely to leave there...

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Sans Clothes Sunday

We have started a Sans Clothes Sunday here at our house. We have everything we need to not to have to go out and are nude the entire day. Swimming, Sunning, chores and at 3 we fire up the BBQ and breakopen the adult beverages and enjoy our day. We...


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