Nudes In Water

For anyone that likes to bend and in the water. Ocean to bathtub.

Inadvertently Transparent Swimsuits?

We just returned from a YMCA aquatic exercise class. The Y does not allow nude swimming and, if fact, restricts the swimsuits you can wear into the pool - no tiny bikinis for women nor form-fitting Speedos for men. I wish they did allow nude...

July 4th 2023 Weekend

07/01/2023 Mesa, AZ 110 degrees 8% humidity at 1:40 pm Floating in the pool and thankful to have a space to be nude in at any time! It's a scorcher but the beer is cold and the water is great!

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Love swimming nude feels so much better . Al grateful to have a local nudist swim by me

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Water running down your body

I especially like the water that flows along my body in the shower or coming out of a bath at home or by the sea. It gives me a feeling of well-being without a jersey that sticks to your skin. And you?


We opened the pool on Sunday so skinny dipping season is officially here in Mesa, AZ!!

Nude in water

Weather in pool a hot tub or shower makes me horney with friends even better

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Sans Clothes Sunday

We have started a Sans Clothes Sunday here at our house. We have everything we need to not to have to go out and are nude the entire day. Swimming, Sunning, chores and at 3 we fire up the BBQ and breakopen the adult beverages and enjoy our day. We...