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Down the Rabbit Hole-Ch. 7-Intro

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I recently posted this on the Nudist Storytelling Group, but Ill try it a little differently here. I hope I can entice more people to read these scenes and comment by breaking it up into three posts. If you do comment, add them to this shorter post.
The following two scenes are from Chapter 7 of a book I am writing titled Down the Rabbit Hole. This book is something I have been writing just for fun when I need a break from the more serious stuff. I have no intention of publishing it, so dont be too critical.
The background for the scenes is as follows: Over Christmas break, Dr. Alan Jansen is leading an expedition to map a recently discovered cave in Peru. The team includes experienced cavers and a group of students. The group of experienced cavers includes Dr. Scarlet Nielander, a consulting archeologist and Alans off-again, on-again lover. Deep inside the cave, Alan, Scarlet, and two students, Nicolet Clarke and Sean Montgomery, who have a budding relationship, pass through a shimmering walla portaland end up somewhere else. They emerge from a completely different cave into a forest. Its nothing like the environment of Peru where they were. Their departure occurred while they were doing a little exploring before settling down for the night. Alan and Scarlet were interrupted by Nicolet and Sean. Thus, when they were transported to the new place, they had little more than the clothes on their backs. They found a trail in the strange forest and are following it, hoping to find people and help.

Enjoy. I think this is a fun spin on getting naked.

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