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Moderating and Posting

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Hey all. The moderator went MIA, and I volunteered to step up. (Although I'm not showing up as the moderating, but I have the privileges.) I mostly did it so I could delete the spam posts that are showing up everywhere, including here. The other challenge we have in this group is the site purge of unacceptable words and posts with such words. Two scenes I posted here from my Down the Rabbit Hole story were deleted. In one case, I think I know why it was deleted. I suspect it was how I described forest nymphs. For the other post, I have no clue. Soon, I'll post a couple of scenes and see if I can get some opinions. We'll see how that goes. If we have to sanitize our writing to post here, it kind of kills the group.

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RE:Moderating and Posting

I have a group that goes by M0m Bods and Proud. Of course, with the new changes, M0m was deleted. I simply changed the o with an 0 (zero). I had another group that got deleted. F0mily and Friends that are not nudists. Again with a simple letter change, you can get the idea of the group across. I tried changing the name of the group after I started a new one and it won't allow me to do that.

Part of the moderating process is to weed out spam, bots and those that are here for the wrong reasons. The owners/admin are not interested in us Mods trying to clean this place up. They will not give us the powers/tools to make it less tolerable for the undesirables to remain. Deleting posts, deleting spammers, deleting pictures of members who are no longer here but their pics remain in the group galleries. As Mods, it would be great not having to delete entire threads to eliminate non-conforming posts from those undesirables. But they have decided not to do that.

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