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New book of naturist fiction published

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Hey everyone, I know I haven't been around a lot but it's amazing to see so many nudists here interested in nudist fiction!

I recently published a collection of naturist-themed short stories called Written Nude. It's available on Amazon but if you're interested in a copy and are not willing or able to buy one there, please reach out as I'd be happy to share it with other nudists.

If anyone has questions about publishing or otherwise getting their work out online, please contact me any time.

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RE:New book of naturist fiction published

I look forward to reading it. Is it just available as a Kindle e-book?

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RE:New book of naturist fiction published

It's available as a Kindle ebook and as a paperback. I'm only distributing it on Amazon for the time being.

If you're interested in getting it for another platform, contact me and we'll work something out!

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