Nudist Pageants

Nudist beauty pageants are often frowned upon by naturists as they are often seen as a form of exploitation of women. Nevertheless, they were a part of organised naturism for a long time, and continue to be organised in some resorts and clubs. This group provides a platform for the exchange of views on beauty pageants. Pictures or videos of pageants are also welcome.

Pageants and feminism

The main criticism of nudist pageants, and probably the reason why they are not often organised anymore, is that they are a form of exploitation and reduce women to (sex) objects. But is that really the case? Aren't they more like the...

Nudist contest

I went to a naturist resort in the old Yugoslavia way back in the 80's and they had a weekly contest for women. I of course entered. There was about 12 women in the competition and as I recall I was called last onto the stage. I walked over to...


Id love to participate in a nudist pageant

Indiana nudist pageant at drive in movie

it must have been somewhere between 1974-76 i saw a movie at the drive in that was from a actual Indiana nudist resort of everyday events that occurred there including a actual nudist pageant of women -girls if i remember teens i suspect at least 18...


Id love to participate in a nudist pageant

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Not sure why?

Was a judge in a contest back in the 80's and not sure why but wearing heels helped highlight the best features of the women in the contest . probably an old sexist perspective and I am on the old side but it was fun. Pic's were verboten. ...

My experience

I don't do resorts much, but ended up at one on a "retro" weekend, and they were doing things from the past of nudism including pageants. I found it a little disturbing, especially the drive some of the contestants had to win, even...

New contributions

Does anyone feel like contributing a thought/photo/comment? I would love it if the group would be more interactive

I was in one

I entered a contest, it was CFNM one at naturist place in kent, I didn't know what CFNM stood for, now I do lol, it wA fun I must say lol

Nudist Group video call

Any one interested nudist group call ping me in skype or hangouts My skype id -Sunil Prakash Hangouts-

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