Nudist Who Like A Sensual Massage

This is a group for those nudists who like a nice sensual massage, both giving and recieving.

Sensual not sex

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I love to touch the body. I'm obsessed with touching the body. Both genders regardless of sexual orientation. To feel the pulse, changes in tempature while my hands glide and carress the body Especially soft, smooth skin. I like to explore someone's body with my fingers and feel when they respond to touch. I haven't done it in a long while like, for years. I guess I'm afraid it will be taken the wrong way.

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RE:Sensual not sex

This is such a beautiful thing. We crave human touch--and there is something about being able to trust another person enough to be fully 'naked' before them (metaphorically and literally). I have always valued the gift of physical touch. I find it affirming and therapeutic. If you lived across town, I'd be heading your way. Cheers, brother!

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RE:Sensual not sex

Its a shame you havent pursued something you clearly enjoy. They must me lots of men and women out there that would enjoy your touch and not take anything the wrong way.
I still do physical work so occasionally need a massage to stay upright. I should probably invest more in proactive massage rather than reactive.. but then that might just be an excuse to feel warm , strong hands on my body lol.

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RE:Sensual not sex

I recall my first full body massage. We were on a cruise and my wife scheduled one. When she returned, she was telling me how wonderful it was, and convinced me I should get one too.

Having never had one before, I was quite nervous. What to expect, how would my body react. Would I be embarrassed? Could I relax? This was before I became a nudist and wasn't as comfortable in my own skin as I am now. She convinced me I would enjoy it so I scheduled my appointment.

I met my therapist, a cute and petite Asian woman. The room was dimly lit and prepared for total relaxation. She asked me if I would prefer to leave my briefs on, but that I was free to remove them if I like and left the room for me to settle in on the table. I decided to go all in (or out) for the total experience.

Being on a cruise ship, the massage was platonic and not meant in any way to be sexual or sensual, but my mind was racing as I laid nude on the table with nothing but a towel to cover my mid section, it was quite an adrenalin rush as I tried to relax. Her hands felt wonderful as she worked my body over. At times I was totally relaxed but I was also rather aroused by her delicate touches and the deep tissue working of those tiny hands on my nude body in sensitive places. It was definitely stimulating my core energy.
When she asked me to roll over so she could do my front, I was mortified!

But I instantly came to several conclusions:
First, I will probably never see her again. Two, I'm probably not the first guy she has massaged that expressed such appreciation for her skills. Three, there is the possibility that she will appreciate what she sees in the silhouette of the towel and not be offended. Finally on my back, I went with the flow and pushed the uneasiness out of my head, focused on #3 and decided to just accept my full state and enjoy the ride and relax. It was totally enjoyable, and absent of anything sensual or sexual.

When finished, she left the room for me to put on my robe. I tipped her quite gratuitously and thanked her for her services. Even though it was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, the total experience was incredible!

I get massages regularly now, about once a month. But these are from a male at the Korean spa with perfectly groomed toenails. (that's all I see). They are totally therapeutic, starting with a total body scrub. I have to admit that during those, I don't have the same reaction but at times, I do feel the effects to my core energy from the experience. It feels good to embrace that as part of the experience, especially with it ending with a table bath with hot soapy water being poured over your whole body while having the oils thoroughly washed off with a soapy, terrycloth towel. It's quite euphoric.

I do offer my wife regular massages. I enjoy sharing what I have learned. We now have our own massage table in the bedroom. She prefers them to be non sensual/sexual and strictly therapeutic, but for me to give them is anything but! Giving them, for me is just as pleasurable as it is to receive, maybe more. My core energy goes through the roof as I exercise discipline to not overstep, and just let her enjoy the attention while I enjoy mine as I gently work every inch of her body.

Typically, the discipline pays off in the end! ;-)

What was your first massage experience?

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RE:Sensual not sex

My first one was on cruise ship. When we arrived on the ship, we took the tour of the spa. There a male dancer on a massage bed in the foyer dressed in only paper briefs demonstrating one of the spa's offerings. Later on, the spa ran some discounted specials. I opted for salt scrub and full massage. When I arrive, the Filipino female attendant handed me a bag and said put these on. I thought they were the paper briefs but they turned out to be paper boxers. I put them on and laid face down on the table. She returned and began with the salt scrub, working from my upper back down to the edge of the boxers. She then started on my feet and worked her way up my legs. I was so surprised when she reached the bottom of the boxers, she reached in through the leg opening and did my buttocks. I did not expect that. She had me roll over and proceeded to do the front of my body. She did not reach under the boxers for the front. After the scrub was done, she had me take a shower and handed me another pair of paper boxers. The massage part was therapeutic and good. She did not reach under the boxers during the massage.

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