Nudists 30 - 40

I noticed there was an under 30 group, and a 50+ group, and felt that those of us who defy otherwise classification deserved a group of our own!

So...what happens on my 41st birthday? Do I get a ceremony to leave the group, or am I just dumped with out so much as a goodbye...
I worry about things, see. :)

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RE: 41?

I've just turned 41 and am wondering the same thing. I was looking to the responses of your post to find out if I am meant to leave the group but alas there are none. I guess we just stay.

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Me too

Well this year anyway.. was curious as to the ceremony to bump me out.. lol

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RE: 41?

I'll be 41 at the end of this year, so let me know what happen...

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