Whether you enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror, or even your own photos. If you're vain or just proud to be nude. Appreciating the beauty of nudity begins by appreciating it in ourselves.

Love To Be Nude

I just Love to walk about Nude on a warm day at my Nudist Club....I don't care if people take photo's.


I live in a small lake side community, where 60% of the residents are summer only people. My neighbours as such residents. A few days ago I was on my computer and decided to get a coffee. As I stood up I looked out my window and was surprised to see...

Being watched by others

I really enjoy neing naked for other people. I often see other guys getting hard while watching me and it really makes me feel good. Anyone else has any stories to share?

What's your favourite part of your body?

And why?We love looking at ourselves so why not share how we look with each other? These groups don't have any pics so Show off your favourite part of yourself in a photo!Mine are my legs and butt xx What's yours?!


I fall into most of your categories, I love being Naked, I like seeing myself Nude, I cannot pass a mirror without looking at myself, yes I am vain for sure. I don't have a fantastic six pack body, but I take care of myself with grooming, and...

I love it that others can see me naked. . .

. . . anytime they want. I love showing my hairy bush and I'm pretty hairy all over, even my crack is hairy. All my pics are visible on my profile, for 'free' members who can't see them all I have lots posted in various groups to...


Yes nothing better lookin at ur self in mirror people lookin at ya i believe most look nothing wrong with that really bad when i get hard have to take pics

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Posing while covering your crotch with one...

Now obviously none of us are prude or overly modest, but I find it exciting to pose in the mirror with one hand covering my crotch whether I'm taking photos or not. It's so coy and cute. My internal dialogue with another person goes something...

i love to be nude also i like to be see

ist nice to be nude whit other man that make me horny lol

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I love to masturbate looking at my nudity. Sometimes I film it. Anyone else doing the same? Also I like to show my erect cock. If u wanna watch c2c, send me a message here :)

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