Nudity In The Bible

This is a group for those who are looking for, or wish to share stories and verses, in the Christian Bible, about nudity.

Evils of the flesh

I believe that much of the Christian struggle related to nudity comes from Paul. With gratitude to my teachers, I am learning to say yes to old and new teachings alike and even be a bridge between the two. I struggle with the Apostle Paul and his...

Timeline on Skinny-dipping in Christian...

Time Line on Skinny-dipping and Public Bathing in Christian History. Keep in mind that some of the historical information we give you is still being debated among historians and are not all considered as fact. We encourage you to do your own...

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Articles for the Website

We are looking for article ideas for the website. If you have something that you'd like an article on let us know and we just may write an article about your subject.

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Music Video, Jesus' Passion

The Passion of Jesus in a more historically correct way through art and drawings. Many nude.


We are looking for feedback on our new website naked and unashamed dot org

The naked follower of Jesus

There are two short verses about the last man to follow Jesus before he was arrested in Mark 14: 51-52: Now a young man followed him wearing nothing but a linen cloth about his body. They seized him, but he left the cloth behind and ran off naked....

Drunkenness, Nudity, & Freewill

I have ask many guys if they would go skinny-dipping with me. Many a time they would joke and say, "Sure, if I am drunk". I find it interesting that when is comes to becoming drunk, nudity is sometimes involved. Either because someone...

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Christianity and Skinny-dipping

I love History. I am also considered a local historian. I did some research and created a Time Line on Skinny-dipping and Public Bathing in Christian History. Here is the link to my blog:

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Correct Translation on Nudity

When doing research on nakedness and nudity in the bible, make sure you have the correct English Translation from Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. For an example, many people like to use the word nakedness in Leviticus Capture 18, King James Translation,...

Websites that talk about nudity in the Bible

Below is just a few website you can read about nudity and what the bible says. Make your own conclusions, and if you have other websites you feel are benefiting to other nudists on this topic, please share them in your comments. History of...