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One of the most active groups on this site. Our members are real and ready to help. Your questions will be answered by our genuine nudists members. The main goal of this group is to be the best group in sharing and exchanging wisdom, knowledge and providing the best advice possible.

Looking for a roommate in NY (the older the...

Hi fellas, Im looking to move homes around February of 2020. I currently live in West Harlem, and ideally want to stay in the city or with a fast commute to Midtown. Im 33, been living in the city for few years now, holding a stable job with a...

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Are Nudists Happier Than Textiles?

In terms of self-esteem, body image, etc. including other things along those lines, I'd think that nudists have a better acceptance of their bodies than the average person possibility. What do you think?

Growing Up as a Naturist

I had few requests from some of my nudist friends here who asked me to write more about my childhood as a naturist. When I was born, my nudist father with his male partner and Grand father, made a conscious decision to bring me up in a Naturist...

Advising middle aged?

Fifty six years old here, too old to be young and too young to be considered old, depending on your perspective. But I cant deny Im aging and hope to do so gracefully. Whats your those who are younger and older - piece of sound, grounded advice to...

Do nudism rules vary by geographical...

Are some nudist action acceptable in one part of the world, but not in others? Are there nudist action that are acceptable in a State and not acceptable in another whiten the US?

My story

So I'm fairly new at nudism compared to most, but I'm mainly just a home nudist at the moment. I got started when I went to my gyms sauna for the first time and saw people wearing nothing and thought it looked fun. I just joined in and after...

Role Model

Its great when someone asks about the lifestyle. My sons coach asked me today about hanging nude. Theyve been talking about it.

Gold Coast Australia.

Im one of the most direct people youll meet - tell it how it is... Im not into making it all peaches and cream, bare raw facts. So if youre able to handle that then I encourage any youngens to come say hi especially for this living in the SEQ area...

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Hey there

Hi, my name is Brian and I might be one of the younger guys here :P I am new in this group and in fact I am new on this site. I enjoy chatting with older more experienced nudists and like hearing about their stories and experiences which is why I...

Hi from Seattle

Happy to share what I can. Maybe there is someone local too.

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