Only One Naked

For people interested in being the only naked person among dressed people. Art modeling is one obvious scenario. Have you ever stripped at a party? Walked or run naked in Bay to Breakers? Any other way to be uniquely naked in front of a crowd of dressed people?

Only one nude at the beach amongst friends

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I just remembered I had a couple moments as the only nude one.

I pressured a friend couple, two guys, to go to Blacks Beach with me. It was a while since I had hung out with these two, and I knew they had gone to this beach before so nudity didnt seem like an issue. They agreed and fortunately, they'd be driving. I had been a friend with this couple for a few years, maybe about 4 at the time and we've never done anything nude or even semi-nude before. One guy, who I knew when he was single, teased and called be an exhibitionist. I didn't care, I assumed he didn't understand nudism.

We arrive on the beach and his boyfriend is apprehensive, I tell him it's okay I don't care but to take his time. I realize my friend is now also getting cold feet, and he stays in his shorts. I think: I didn't come here to not be naked, so I pull down my shorts and go for it. His boyfriend just goes, "oh whoa you did it", or something of the sort. It was interesting to break through that barrier because they're both clothed, and I wasnt following anyones lead. His boyfriend and myself run to the water and we just hit waves for a while. He asks me, "oh you're kind of nudist? Is this how you express yourself?". I realize it is a form of self-expression. What stood out to me most was that I was completely naked in nature, completely wet and my clothes and car keys were entrusted to someone on the beach. As we walked back to my friend on his towel, I think how exposed I am walking back, full-frontal to this guy's boyfriend, my friend.

However, he's now also nude and laying on his stomach. I do the same, and there's something so exposing about laying on one's stomach with your ass to the wind.

At some point he gets up and we take a walk down Blacks Beach, both naked, just talk and watch people pass by. As we get to the furthest point past the gay area Im realizing less and less people are nude. I felt a moment of apprehensiveness, but I remind myself my naked friend is next to me and this is still a nude beach.

Overall, it was a great first time on this beach. I'll be back with one more.

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RE:Only one nude at the beach amongst friends

Well done! Sometimes you've got to kick a person in the buns before they realize they are missing out on one of life's most lovely lessons. The loss of one's clothes brings one closer to the natural world and to the friends with whom one shares the moment.

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