Practicing Nude Yoga

This group is for anyone who like to practice nude yoga, here is your place.

South of Sydney

I practice and teach nude yoga. Bundeena. Any interest let me know

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Nw UK anyone?

Hey I would like to get back into yoga + taichi and seeking meet a more experienced friend or two to practice it with. Hit me up if you share an interest, live in Or passing thru NW UK region.

Nude Yoga Athens

Hi guys. Im coming to Athens for the summer and looking to start yoga exercises for relaxation. If you do or know of someone in athens who does instructions for beginners please get in touch. Thanks xx

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Nude yoga in MN

I would love to know of any nude yoga classes in MN or maybe someone who would be interested in a nude yoga buddy.

nude yoga on skype

Hi, It would be nice if someone likes to to naked yoga together on Skype. Im new to it, but I hope I can manage :)

Skype Yoga

there's not a lot of nudists in my area so i was wondering if anyone wanted to practice yoga via skype! prefer near my age but all ages are welcome!

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yoga buddies NYC

Hey looking to try some nude yoga. If anyone is interested I would like to meet a friend to practice it with. Hit me up if you in NYC.

Male yoga in Munich

Hello Anyone in Munich to practice naked yoga with?