Pride Of Men's Armpit Hairs

It is kind of unique that we grow hairs in our armpits and they trap our body odour. So to be natural, why do people shave them? Anyone who is pride of their armpit hairs or men's armpit hairs, in general - doesn't have to be very hairy to be pride of them - or enjoy showing them during nudity. This group is for men only.

New fetish discovery

There's a difference between the aroma from fresh sweat on clean armpit, to days old unwashed armpit, personally being involved in close combat throughout my youthful days, the former aroma is typical acceptable attribute of an active sportive...

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Fellow hairy non deodorant user

Hey men! My partner and myself have stopped using deodorant except when absolutely necessary, formal event etc. for almost a year now. We love clean musky man smell but also the fact that we dont have to buy deodorant so much and in turn are saving...

share the hair

Hey guys, I'm looking for other hairy guys to meet up with (in person or on cam) to enjoy our hairiness. Who's up for sharing their hair?

Washing your armpits

Many men have moderate to lots of hairs in their armpits; and most don't use deodorant. Do you wash your armpits daily? Have there been time you don't wash them for somewhat reasons and then have a strong smell from the armpits?!?

Why do you like hairy armpits in men?

Why do you like hairy armpits in men? Body hairs is a sign of physical maturity, but I think a pair of hairy armpits makes men more sexy and dynamic looking; and it functions to trap men's body odour that makes the person unique with his own...

At what age did you start smelling your...

At what age did you start smelling your armpit because of the hairy armpit?

thick pits hairs - strong stank

my pit hairs tight and thick in there and the stank strong and aint gonna lie i like it. i work as lifeguard so always in and out the pool and showers many time in a day and also jacuzzi some so never wear deodorant - between soap and chlorine my...

No deodorant used here

Mike from Cambridge here, no deodorants user. Be great to chat.

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by farwynn 
Are you proud of the hairy armpits you have...

Are you proud of the hairy armpits you have and enjoy showing it doing nudity? Being a man, I am so proud of having hairs in my armpits and thus I have never shaved that area, ever!