Real Male Bonding

This is a group for guys to chat, share ideas, make new connections and friends. This is with the understanding that we are all sexual creatures, but that not everything has to be about sex. Male binding comes with closeness accompanied by respect and healthy boundaries. If you want to make some new guy friends locally or world wide, this should be the safe place for you.

Please come to enjoy my 2 TABOO...

My site is dedicated mainly to nude and bisexual topics, my 2 TABOO topics for your enjoyment and enrichment too. Check out my many posts on both topics:

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Let's Start Things Out !

Since the group is brand new, where is everyone from? And how long have you been a nudist? Let's get the conversations rolling!

Best Friend?

How many of you have a best friend or buddy that you are able to hang nude with? Not looking for any sexual type stuff. Just regular platonic nudity. I'm gay and my best friend is a straight guy. When we were roommates we used to drink together...

Video Games

Hey guys!! So one of my hobbies that I do in my spare time (nude) is play video games. Lately, I've been playing a new Demon Slayer game (based off of an anime/manga) and I play a lot of Call of Duty in my spare time too. It's a nice,...

Nude Holidays

Hey everyone! Holiday season is coming up for a lot of people! Do any of you have any nude plans? Hope you're all doing great!

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Skype hang out?

Hey guys, seeing if anybody is around and would like to have a skype hang out tonight? I'm just sitting around playing video games. Would love to have some company and some buddies to chat with. If you're interested in that message me at...

First bonding experience

I am curious since Im fairly new to nudism Ive been a nudist for a little over a year now. What was everyones first nude hangout like. For me it was around February a local gentleman I was extremely nervous because I have never just hung out with...

Home Nudist

I am from Omaha Nebraska I moved from Illinois I be doing nudity for about 15 yrs and been a home nudist ever since then. I am looking for friends that live in my area, I am new to Omaha and getting settled in. I like to play chess in my spare time...

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Ways to enjoy male nudity

I highly recommend we nudist guys go on the Big Nude Boatcruuses. I find them a very friendly group of nudists who are fun to be with and the length of the cruises is just right and not overly expensive! Of course there are women also, but my wife...

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Mitch from canada

Hello.mitcb from Canada been a nudist since my 20s.


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