Real Male Bonding

This is a group for guys to chat, share ideas, make new connections and friends. This is with the understanding that we are all sexual creatures, but that not everything has to be about sex. Male binding comes with closeness accompanied by respect and healthy boundaries. If you want to make some new guy friends locally or world wide, this should be the safe place for you.

Best Friend?

How many of you have a best friend or buddy that you are able to hang nude with? Not looking for any sexual type stuff. Just regular platonic nudity. I'm gay and my best friend is a straight guy. When we were roommates we used to drink together...

Let's Start Things Out !

Since the group is brand new, where is everyone from? And how long have you been a nudist? Let's get the conversations rolling!

RE: Straight Bros No Clothes

RE: Straight guys hanging - in response to an invitation to hang nude, copied/pasted to here. A buddy of mine shared he'd been getting nude while car camping, but he'd never gotten nude with other people let alone another guy. We'd been...

Friends like Brothers

I have two buddies who are like brothers to me. One is 45 and the other 38, both looking years younger than their ages. Through mutual sharing of things we have no desire of need to share with other people, and developing an incredible trust...

Video Games

Hey guys!! So one of my hobbies that I do in my spare time (nude) is play video games. Lately, I've been playing a new Demon Slayer game (based off of an anime/manga) and I play a lot of Call of Duty in my spare time too. It's a nice,...

Love to Skype

If anyone is ever available during the week and want to Skype mine is nudistn California just let me know youre from Tn

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Nude Holidays

Hey everyone! Holiday season is coming up for a lot of people! Do any of you have any nude plans? Hope you're all doing great!

When nudity is illegal...

I'm an American in gulf,Bahrain, I practice nudity indoors with local and international nudist friends,nudity is illegal here. Enjoy nudity guys.

Skype Group

Hey guys- I run a younger guys nudist group on skype, ages 21 to 45 years of age. If you would like to join and hang out with us sometime that'd be great! We do video calls occasionally. Erections are allowed, just remember the purpose of the...

New Years!

Happy new years everybody!! Hope you're all doing well. What do you all have planned for this year? Any fun nudist excursions planned? Or travel plans in general? Also if anyone would like to chat feel free to message me on Skype as well :...

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