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We all are naturists on this site ad we all want to share, otherwise you are not a member of this site. But wen I stroll around on this page, I see a lot of textile, hidden faces, hidden profile, hidden pictures etc. This group is only for them who are real naturists who dare to show their naturism to everybody on this site.

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I'm glad I'm at a point in my life where I'm comfortable being naked on
the internet. TrueNudists has a lot to offer people who aren't at that
point, too - I don't criticize them and am personally glad the site
does not require nude pictures. But I'm really glad for the Real
Naked group - we have something important in common: we've all built lives that allow us to this open with
our bodies. How have you done it? Tell your stories.

For me: I'm self-employed now. I could have been an "out" nudist when I was a software designer, but NOT when I was a high school teacher! (I was once reported to the principal for being seen barefoot in town; standards are just different for teachers.) I met my partner at a nude beach, so he's OK with it. I've always been a little wild-looking, so even people who have never seen me naked know that I'm not a conventional type. And lots of people have seen me naked - I was once greeted in church by a woman to whom the minister had just introduced me, with a nice loud "I didn't recognize you with your clothes on!" (She only knew me as an artists' model.)

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RE: Tell your story

Greetings fellow nudists

My name is George Winlock and I am currently living in a clothing optional community. Lately the weather here has been beautiful and I can eat my lunch and then sun myself on my back deck. I just returned from the Bare Necessities nude cruise to Hawaii. We had to be dressed when the ship was in port, at the Captain's reception, and in the main dining room. We left from San Diego and spent 4 days at sea getting there (also 4 days back) we spent about 5 days touring the various islands.

I am not ashamed of the fact I am a nudist. My family and friends (and obviously all my neighbors) know I am. I also enjoy The Naturist Society Festivals and Gatherings.

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RE: Tell your story

Hello gentlemen, my name is Carlos, I was raced kind of nudist, my father and unkles where nudists, my father wanted me to have the option and decide for my self, and I didn't let it go, as a boy it was easy, but growing up and becoming a teen ager, things changed, but I did not like clothing anymore. In my culture is almost a tradition, for a group of guy getting together and spending a lot of time at the Turkish bath houses.
We talk, we drink juices, we get massages, we meet other guys of all ages, get togethernakedis a very important thing to do, you free your self from society, you are naked, material things where left at the locker room, so naked time with friends is a very important thing to do.
I have many, many naked friends, all ages and cultures, and I intent to have more and more, I try to help other to brake free from those rules that society have use to trap people, one of those is the idea that "naked people do bad things", LOL, that is so silly, and is the other way around, fully dressed people are the ones thinking about bad things to do, WE, the naked ones, we are so happy and enjoying life so much, that there is no time to waste doing other things.
So I get dressed only if I have to.
c a r l o s .

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