Roman Baths

This is a group for men who wish to enjoy or have enjoyed a traditional Roman Bath

(Sorry not Roman) Russian Sauna/Steam Bath...

Hey brothers, I started a NON-SEXUAL nudist MEN'S social GROUP to organize social gatherings of like men at two LOCAL traditional Russian Steam Baths in Chicago (Sweatlodge) and Cleveland (Schvitz). Neither one is a sex club! Activities include:...

Thermae Romae Novae

I recently saw a preview for a new anime series on Netflix where a Roman man from the Caesarian times traveled through time to a modern Japanese bathhouse. I don't know much else about it but it looks fun. Thermae Romae Novae trailer

My experiences in Roman baths

My first time was in Rhodes Greece back in 2010. It was a slow day and only one other gentleman and I were there. He was a retired Aussie airline pilot. There were no attendants , we had the place to our naked selves and soaked and steamed and...

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New to Group

Hi, My name is John and I'm new to the Group. Any where in UK To Go?

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Any Roman baths in North America

Does anyone know of any baths in North America similar in design and purpose to the Roman baths of centuries past? I get the impression they were a staple of male society - a less stressful time when there was no stigma placed on guys who wanted to...

roman baths

are there any in nyc or nj area?

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are there any Roman Baths in Brisbane

Come visit: Nude Roman bath house in Germany

Hey fellow nudists, There is actually a nudist Roman bath house with pool, steam room and sauna in Germany. It is for all genders and nudity is mandatory. It is not from the romans but build like one in the style of Roman bath houses. See link:...

Harrogate, England

In Harrogate, there are Turkish Baths which are over 100 years old. There are many different areas, including a swim pool, plunge pool, many steam rooms, and a variety of massage and other alternative therapies. It's an amazing place. Throughout...

Bonfire -- Men Only -- Platonic -- Nudity...

Bonfire at my place as soon as the trees are covered in leaves Springfield MO Area Send me a private message if you'd like additional information ~ Men Only ~ Male Bonding ~ Male Camaraderie ~ Platonic ~ Strictly Nudist I'll provide: ~...


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