Roman Baths

This is a group for men who wish to enjoy or have enjoyed a traditional Roman Bath

Harrogate, England

In Harrogate, there are Turkish Baths which are over 100 years old. There are many different areas, including a swim pool, plunge pool, many steam rooms, and a variety of massage and other alternative therapies. It's an amazing place. Throughout...

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Any Roman baths in North America

Does anyone know of any baths in North America similar in design and purpose to the Roman baths of centuries past? I get the impression they were a staple of male society - a less stressful time when there was no stigma placed on guys who wanted to...

Melbourne Roman baths

Hi there Does anyone know of any Roman baths or something like it in Melbourne Australia or close by? Thanks

Come visit: Nude Roman bath house in Germany

Hey fellow nudists, There is actually a nudist Roman bath house with pool, steam room and sauna in Germany. It is for all genders and nudity is mandatory. It is not from the romans but build like one in the style of Roman bath houses. See link:...


are there any Roman Baths in Brisbane

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Great Place in Budapest

I so want to go back. The Hotel Gellert - - has male and female sections. The baths were like going back to the Roman Senate. Guys playing chess, different temp pools, saunas, massage. Oh now I want to go back.

Mount Vesuvius

On a trip to Italy some years ago my partner and I went to see the small town on the coast of Italy which had been destroyed by Mount Vesuvius erupting . we were interested by the giude who told us about a Roman Bath that was used by men the baths...

The Historic Roman Baths

Historically the classical Roman bath had a large pool but the water came in but didn't drain out. This made the pool a murky, brown mess. Doctors of the time advised men who had open wounds not to go to the baths. Luckily, things have changed....