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Top 10 in Germany

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For no better reason than it might give some people some ideas where to go, here are my TOP 10 spas in Germany

1. Mediterana in Bergisch Gladbach (just outside Cologne)

2. KristallTherme Ludwigsfelde in a Berlin suburb

3. Therme Erding near Munich

4. Neptunbad in Cologne

5. Friedrichsbad in Baden Baden

6. Schwaben Quellen in Stuttgart

7. Claudius Therme in Cologne

8. Das Leuze in Stuttgart

9. Vabali Spa in Berlin

10. Caracalla Therme in Baden Baden

I've been to dozens more that cold make the list - I'm heading back to Baden Baden in a few weeks and am intending to try Therme Vierordtbad in nearby Karlsruhe, and I won't get the chance this time but one day I ought to venture across to Bad Wildbad to visit the Palais Thermal. I think both might sneak into the Top 10.

Anybody else with recommendations?

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RE:Top 10 in Germany

I went to the therm in Bad Homberg several times. Loved it.

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RE:Top 10 in Germany

Bderhaus Bad Kreuznach

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