Segregated Nudity At The Y.M.C.A.

This group is for males who remember when or wish nudity was back in the Y.M.C.A.. But not just nudity. Segregated Nudity. This group is based on the blog,

Is modern Culture destroying the Father figure?

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When I was a child, I and my brother would bath and shower with my dad. We didn't see it as sexual, and nor did he. He was being a true role model of masculinity. What is going on?

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RE:Is modern Culture destroying the Father figure?

The father figure has been the object of ridicule and scorn in the media for decades. Just look at all the stupid lazy dads on sit coms. It's as offensive as the portrayal of women on the Three Stooges in the 30's. And if men show reaction to it they are ridiculed as overly sensitive. If the same treatment is given women, the scornful label misogynist is applied. Talk about double standards!

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RE:Is modern Culture destroying the Father figure?

Your topic is really important, but perhaps does not belong in this group. There are groups on "Fathering" that have addressed this subject.

I will say that shared swims, showers and spa time at the YMCA with my dad was great for us. It was a time when no one, except perhaps my brother, bothered us, and my dad was really open and not judgmental in any way about my lack of inhibitions.

I have tried to be the same raising my own sons, but with no YMCA like I grew up with, it has required my finding other options to let them have similar experiences.

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