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IPL laser at home is working great

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I bought an IPL laser device a couple years ago and it did nothing. It was an expensive piece of junk and did not reduce the hair growth even after a few weeks of use. I decided to try one again and after reading many reviews and reports I got the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5. The first month I used it twice weekly. Then after that once weekly. I began to see results after less than two weeks.

Shaving used to be an almost daily task but now I only shave my body once per week. My legs, arms and most of my pubes stay smooth. Its been very much worth the effort and expense. It will not affect gray hair though but fortunately my leg, arm, and under arm hair are not gray at all. My weekly routine is to shave it all with a Venus extra smooth razor. It simply works better and faster than any body razor I ever tried. Afterwards it takes a little while to cover everything I want to treat with the IPL device.

Now I am much smoother than when I was only shaving and I love it. I had a couple areas that would often get irritated right after shaving but not any more. Just smooth skin. Overall I am very pleased with the results.

Not treating my head or face so I keep using a Gillette 5 blade razor for that.

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RE:IPL laser at home is working great

I just recently did the Wahl shaver down there and later on followed up with Nair. Just don't leave on too long and don't do on your nearby thighs or behind scrotum. AustinJohn PS Love the smooth.

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