Shaved Nudists

Group for all nudists and naturists who like to shave their intimate bodyparts

Skype Young Nudists

I've created a Skype group for young nudists (]30 years old) if you're interested in joining the only rule is that you have to introduce yourself in the group with your TN username and send a photo of yourself (you can be with or without...

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How do women like their men

So how do you ladies like us guys? Completely smooth, trimmed or hairy.


Hi. I have been using an epilator for about 5 years now and love it! Only takes a few mins per day and the hair takes a month to reappear. Little painful at first but worth it in time an effort in the end. Anyone have the same experience?

Scham Behaarung

Hallo in die Gruppe Ich bin Marina Ich rasiere mich auch schon seit Jahren Mit kleinen Pausen Meine erste Behaarung habe ich gleich rasiert dann habe ich bei behalten bin kurz nach der Geburt meinen ersten Sohnes? Dann aber wieder angefangen und...

Body painting

I like to paint my girlfriend's body. I'm also always naked at home, my girlfriend is fine with that. Anyone who likes painting and is also an exhibitionist, write to me. P.M. Women would be welcome. But even elderly men.

(pleasure to see and be seen)

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Anyone want to chat


Wax all day hurts but worth it in my opinion amd looks better also


i have been shaving for last 10 years with old shaver, wife got me manscape shaver and its by far alot better than my old electric shaver. gets me real smooth and never a knick.

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