Shower Voyeurism

Humans that like to be photographed in the shower. If you like to be photographed while taking a shower, Bathing, or swimming nude , show us your Photos

i give show for spycam at gym in philipines

when iz in navy on leave once i go to local gym spa near manila but small place off beaten track i just wanted to see how that be - i get nice massage there n then after was in open shower room open to outside like on a patio concrete n stone lotta...

Open and Closed Showers

To show oneself naked in the shower is to share ones nakedness in common and it is natural for a naturist whether really or virtually ( virtual naturism). In all naturist places, showers are open and in some countries they are also found elsewhere...

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I am at the point that I absolutely love...

I encourage guys to take pics of me in the gym shower and locker room. I love the naked bike rides with thousands of people taking pics of me nude. When I go to the nude beach I used to have a sign that said Ok to take pics. it wasn't very...

who else ??

as a kid had to shower after gym at school , so saw all my mates naked and all saw me then joined the navy and again gang showers in boot camp and living on a sub u shower and 20 guys all waiting for their turn so no privacy then gym locker room...

I love being watched in the shower

This probably stemmed from when I was younger, but as a young teen maybe 18 or 19, I loved going to the YMCA and hanging out in the locker rooms. If you read some of my previous posts you would know what a wonderland it was to be in the locker rooms...

Seattle area communal showers

Anyone know of any besides Coleman pool in West Seattle?

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