Shower Voyeurism

Humans that like to be photographed in the shower. If you like to be photographed while taking a shower, Bathing, or swimming nude , show us your Photos


Hello guys. Having fun???

who else ??

as a kid had to shower after gym at school , so saw all my mates naked and all saw me then joined the navy and again gang showers in boot camp and living on a sub u shower and 20 guys all waiting for their turn so no privacy then gym locker room...

Best experiences

I tell this story to everyone who wants to know why I've become interested in nudism and why I enjoy being open with my body. When I was about 18 or 19, I used to visit the YMCA and use the pool. While in the locker room, it was no secret that...

looking for communal showers

I wish all the gyms still had communal showers, can anybody he;p[ me find one in or near Salt Lake City, UT? Please!

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I am at the point that I absolutely love...

I encourage guys to take pics of me in the gym shower and locker room. I love the naked bike rides with thousands of people taking pics of me nude. When I go to the nude beach I used to have a sign that said Ok to take pics. it wasn't very...

Open and Closed Showers

To show oneself naked in the shower is to share ones nakedness in common and it is natural for a naturist whether really or virtually ( virtual naturism). In all naturist places, showers are open and in some countries they are also found elsewhere...

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