Spa Nudists

People who like to be naked at spas. Please exchange your favorite spas so we can plan our naked vacations around them too. :)

JeJu Sauna in Gwinnett County/ATL Georgia

this spot is open 24 hours, very relaxing and exhilirating. $30 for 24 hours. they give you these pajama shorts n shirt to wear, its barefoot inside, coed area has big pool [suit needed] restaurant and these iglo-constructions made out of various...

first spa visit

just had my first spa visit, 4 days at the silver leigh nudist spa in sevenoaks kent uk. was a bit surprised staff very nice but some of the guests used it just as a nice whore house. mixed age range, mixed sex but fridays was couples day/night and...

Good Spas in Oklahoma

Anyone know of a good spa to go to in Oklahoma?

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Korean Spas in LA

There are several Korean spas in LA but the Yelp reviews are all over the place. Can anyone recommend a good one based on recent experience?

Any Spas In Florida?

Im right in the middle of the state of Florida and cant seem to find any kind of Korean or Family Spa? Does anyone know of one, or a spa that has a mens relation area (sauna, steam, plunge pools, etc.)? The closest larger city is Orlando for me. I...

San Diego

Looking for a clean nude spa in the San Diego area. Any suggestions would be great. Coed would be great but not a must. Looking for a Spa partner as well.

King Spa. Niles Illinois

Great place to relax nude. Let me know if interested in meeting there!

Spa World in Northern VA / DC area

I plan on going to Spa World in Centerville Virginia on November 8th and 9th. I plan on being there both that Friday and Saturday with my 30 year old nephew and several other Tn buddies. If you are interested in joining us please leave a post....

times have changed.

All spa areas used to be nude and no one was creeped out by it. nudity did not have a sexual connotation. You did not have to travel to find a clothing optional spa, a local YMCA or other gym would have a sauna or steam room and maybe a whirlpool...

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Dallas Korean Spas

Were fortunate to have two great Korean spas here in Dallas. King Spa is in West Dallas, Spa Castle (my favorite) is located in Carrollton.