Spa Nudists

People who like to be naked at spas. Please exchange your favorite spas so we can plan our naked vacations around them too. :)

I have found that a great place to spend the day naked with others is at Korean Spas. I'm fortunate to have a few pretty close by that I enjoy going to from time to time. The really great thing about those spas is that complete nudity is required in the spa areas. It's part of the culture to spend the day naked, communal bathing with your friends & family. The only towels they provide are small hand towels for quick dry off, or sitting on in the steam rooms. There are separate areas for the men & the women. All ages go, you see young adults go with their buddies, fathers with their sons, old timers taking in a good steam bath. It's very relaxing, & comfortable environment to be nude in. They don't have any hang ups about being actually stick out like a sore thumb if you walk around all shy & covered up!

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Hello everyone, is that time again to mark your calendar for Spa World March 30th, 2013 as always we start arriving around 9:AM and spend the whole day there among old and new friends and of course lunch is between 11:AM and 12:NOON. Last two meetings we've had a group of about 8-9 friends showing up, so let's see if we can make it a group of 10 or more for an all times record :-) So if you have any questions let me know, otherwise I'll you there . . . xoxoxo . . . Hawk

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RE: Korean Spas

Another amazing day today March, 30th 2013 at Spa World, Centreville, VA among old and new friends.
We had a crew of 6 TN members and one of them brought a friend of his, so the 7 of us did absolutely nothing LoL all day :-) as we went from spa to sauna to the whirlpools, etc, etc, etc all day, oh yeah and lunch as always great, affordable and made to order, hot and fresh.
Sorry for those of you who were not able to attend, yet with a holiday weekend and the outside temperatures starting to change the crowd is going to slim-down by the day.
Oh yeah, it was not as crowded overall today, so there was plenty of room for everyone to get into their favorite spot with the water jets and all.
Anyway, as always it was great to see you there and hope to see all of you again as always, the last Saturday of next month.
XoXoXo . . . Hawk

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Good Morning TN Gang, is that time again to mark your calendar for Spa World April 27th, 2013.
Saturday, as always we'll start arriving at 9:AM to spend the day among new and old friends for our monhtly get together to catch up with the latest events and happenings.
We'll have lunch around 11:30 - 12:NOON at the Korean cafe. After that, well, I guess we'll go back to the pools to relax some more between naps LoL.
Don't forget to check out the link below to acquire your Green Wristband:
Hope to see all of you there, but for now,; have a great day . . . xoxoxo . . . Hawk

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You guys missed another amazing day at Spa World today April 27th 2013.
We had a group showing of 7 TN friends and by the end of the day we may have recruited another friend who wanted to know everything about TN and our monthly gatherings at the Spa.
The place today was not crowded at all as the weather is finally warming up people are finding other ways to relax and have fun outdoors.
The Green Wrist Bands are definetly a sign of who in there is with TN and who's not, so easy to see across the pools and tell who's one of our TN fans.
As always the food was PLENTY for our money and made to order. I have yet to find something to complaint about LoL.
Hope to see each and everyone of you next month on the last Saturday as always. Stay nude, keep in touch and have a great day.
XOXOXOXO . . . Hawk

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Hello everyone is that time again to mark your calendars for Spa World Saturday, May 25th 2013.
Yes I know I'm sending this a week later than usual, but work is kicking my ars :) I'm just really busy and ready to let it all hang out and relax at the Spa among new and old friends.
Lunch at the Korean Cafe and nap time eventually LoL.
We'll start arriving around 9:AM to spend the rest of the day there.
Don't forget to bring your "Green-Wrist-Band" so we know you are a TN member and we'll introduce you to the rest of the gang.
Hope to see you there and as always . . . Stay nude, keep in touch and have a great day.
xoxoxo Hawk

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RE: Korean Spas

Another amazing day yesterday May 25th 2013 at Spa World.
We had just 3 TN friends show up simply because of the holiday weekend but we managed to meet/make a few new friends as we always do at the Spa. Great, down to earth people who just wanna go there, relax and not be judged :-)
Lunch as always plenty and fresh, oh yeah, the place was busy but not too crowded and there was space for everyone to get around and find their favorite spot by the water jets or the hot tubs :-)
Sorry I didn't get to see all of you there, but no worries for there's always next month, as always, the last Saturday of every month, so mark yer calendar.
Oh yeah, one more thing, if you are interested on going camping send me a shout for I've started working for a nude camping trip for a weekend in VA.
Evryone, take care, keep in touch and stay nude . . .xoxoxo . . .Hawk

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RE: Korean Spas

I use to go to the Korean Spas in Orange County, Ca when I lived there. It's such a great place to relax & forget about the stresses in your life.

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RE: Korean Spas

Love Wi spa!

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