The Body-Perfect? Not Us!

This group was created by Will Goulden who was born without genitals and nevertheless he was an enthusiastic nudist. He said: This group is for those who are comfortable about their bodies in their surroundings, not in a mirror! - Truenudists is a fantastic site with a friendly chatroom crowd, thanks to teamtrue1's efforts. - However the TN members are letting themselves down. A sample...

Love the philosophy of this group

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What a wonderful idea for a group. Im so pleased to find this one.
Ive had the wonderful experience of meeting two men, on the same weekend, at a retreat who had medically defined micropenises. I admired them that they were still self-confident enough to be naked and self accepting. I find that a very attractive aspect in people whom I wish to befriend another being intelligence. Both these men had both. Its also wonderful that Will is remembered by this group.

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RE:Love the philosophy of this group

I'm the same. I find confidence around things very attractive. If a man is confident, not cocky, but confident, can hold a great conversation and is engaging...that is what I find attractive. I think this comes with maturing though. A micropenis is as attractive as a larger or average size to me. Thankfully I don't have a "type" that I find attractive either. A man with a very small penis who is a great guy, has a good sense of humour, is interesting and good to talk with...that's the dealbreaker. The size of the dick should not matter in the least.

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RE:Love the philosophy of this group

What a perfect group. im very less than perfect and dont aim to try to be, i am just me. it will be awesome chatting to others who really ont have a problem with how people look. Being non judgmental is a gift many do not possess and can be quite blunt or rude with their comments.

i like me just the way i am and as i viewed the media on this group i see plenty of smiling beautiful people enjoying their bodies naked. I feel very at home in this group

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RE:Love the philosophy of this group

I'm very open about the fact that I'm a nudist. One of the most frequent comments I get back is that the person is certain that everyone else would be horrified if they saw that person nude. Of course, I assure them that nudists are very body accepting, but they don't believe me.

No one has the perfect body -- ok, ok, maybe a few people do -- but they are the absolute exception -- total outliers. Everyone else has the body they have -- way less than perfect by some artificial standard.

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