The Cap, Chapeau, Or Hat Or Bonnet,

Put photos here of you wearing a cap, chapeau, hat or bonnet that is very special to you, an old, comfortable hat to keep you out of the sun or rain, an elegant bonnet such that you would wear to a coronation or the Kentucky Derby, a national cap or hat of some kind, something you would find at a millinery or haberdashery shop, most especially something with a story to tell.

Fur Rendezvous

Complete with fur hat and bunny boots. I tried to sing and play this song myself, but my stroke does not allow to sing very well YET.

Which is your favorite hat & The Point

I often select my hats based on my mood. So, here are some hat pics! After all its the nude cap fun group. If you want some fun hat movie trivia for those naked hat buffs out there like me; a really good off the wall and musically inspirational...

This Group Needs a Fez Thread

I love this group - so much fun But it is short of fezzes. Here's mine.

Fedora Fun Facts who knew?!

Hope you enjoy this Fedora fun facts video. Have a Hatastic day and dont forget to wear a smile too.

Lesotho Shepherds Hat

A friend of mine gave me this shepherds hat from Lesotho, Africa. Though relatively tropical, it is mountainous and it gets cold in the winter, thus the need for a wool hat. Can you guess which animal this a from?

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Shut Up and Fish - Alaska

Today there were red salmon in the Russian River, king salmon in the Homer Spit lagoon, and halibut off the beach Ninichik! But we had to have an alternator problem with the truck. No fish today in Alaska - BUT, we will be back.

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Why a Hat?

When I first went to the nude beach at Sandy Hook NJ (Gunnison) I realized that I had a hard time remembering people. The grey-haired man or woman was an inadequate descriptor an the weekday afternoon beach was near 100% grey-haired men or women. I...

Latest PostSo smart!
by MakebaGirl13 
Social Gnudity

Our daughter sent me the first naked gnome for Fathers Day and more gnomes for my birthday. Too funny!

To all the Cap Chapeau Hat Bonnet Nudes

My first Hat video, correct name in my subject title. I hope you like it! Hats off to you all! I hope this works. Fingers crossed, big smile with my hat on and nothing else. PS The words "koi" and "nishikigoi" come from the...

Happy Fathers Day Naked Yoga

My daughter knew that my wife and I do naked yoga, so she sent this little naked gnome for Fathers Day.


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