Thongers And Micro Bikini Wearers

There are times when you can't go nude in public but often you can wear brief thongs and especially micro bikinis. Very brief thongs and micro bikinis are really comfortable once you get used to them, they offer great support and most textiles will accept them on hiking trails, beaches and adult pools where nude wouldn't be acceptable. Thong and micro wearers are mostly nudists who...

Pics thongs g strings

Thongs or gstring pics are cool or a jock strap cool things to see both male female


As much as I enjoy wearing bikinis, thongs and g-strings, I'm not so sure they are good for a man. I wear skimpy bikinis all the time, but sometimes I feel like I need to wear looser fitting underwear. Tight fitted bikinis on a guy can lower his...

gee I hope.

So the picture that goes with this group shows a ladies high heel and a lacy panties. I hope this isn't just for ladies. I'm a guy and I love to wear all kinds of bikini, micro bikinis, thongs and g-strings. I have a drawer full of them....

wearing strings

I like to be nude or wear strings of my ex girls friend when i'm at home and sometimes wear stockings of ex girls friend too.

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Tiny Suit

Saw a mens swimsuit on the Kiniki website that was a tiny pouch in front that just covered the goods and narrow strings around the waist and up the crack. Has anyone worn something that small or seen someone else wearing it? If so, where?

The wedding band test

The gold standard for tiny swimwear, and apparently one that's been around for some time, is the wedding band test. Your swimsuit passes the test if you are able to slip it through a wedding band. A few of my suits meet this criterion.

Latex and Satin Panties

If there are any of you fellas who wear womens panties, have you ever tried wearing satin or latex panties. The feel of satin against my shaved cock is truely wonderful. Also a big fan of latex panties, as I love to feel of rubber on me and I often...

(When) is sheer too sheer?

Those of us who go small undoubtedly are also open to wearing fabrics that may be a little (or a lot) sheer. Sometimes the addition of water is necessary to see the effect and sometimes it's obvious in all conditions. Perhaps sheerness is only...

Hunk2 Swim Thong

Got a Hunk2 swim thong from Amazon yesterday. It has a center seam and is the most comfortable thong I have ever had. The seam allows it to be shaped with more fabric for the pouch. My wife likes the quality construction, the pattern and the fit,...

Tanga swim bikinis

Anyone where kiniki style tanga swim bikini? Had mine on a few times this past summer. Still trying to get use to it. Do anyone wear one at busy public beaches? Wears mine at beaches with very few people around.


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