Thongers And Micro Bikini Wearers

There are times when you can't go nude in public but often you can wear brief thongs and especially micro bikinis. Very brief thongs and micro bikinis are really comfortable once you get used to them, they offer great support and most textiles will accept them on hiking trails, beaches and adult pools where nude wouldn't be acceptable. Thong and micro wearers are mostly nudists who...

Thongs vs nude

Over the years I have owned a variety if bikini type suits and thongs. Early on, I wasn't satisfied with what I could buy and I actually made my own brief costumes. I did that so I could carve away the maximum amount of material and still not...

Wearing G-string in Public

Concerning wearing g-strings and thongs in public, wonder if anyone has an experience or thoughts about the more revealing g-string. Some jurisdictions specifically outlaw the exposure of the anus in addition to the genitals, and a g-string is more...

I have bought thongs for the first time.

I am submitting pictures of me trying a thong for the first time and I want to wear it when swimming. Does it look okay on me?


I found my best suits at little shops in the carribean like jamaica...cuba at....whete they specialize....j have not found any men thongs yet...i buy alot of stuff from


Which is the best shop in London to get thongs for men?

Swim Attire on a Cruise

We are going on a cruise in a few months. Wondering if it is cool to wear a bikini (male) on the ship and or in the port beaches? Ok to wear or better in baggies?

19/20th July UK

19/20th July - Anyone want to hang out nude either at their place or at a beach? I can travel so just let me know. Andy

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