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Good to see you! Or not good?

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We are human beings, created by nature, we created nude and there is nothing wrong with our nudity.
But someone says another things:
"Don't care if someone is clothed or naked" or "Pretend that you don't see naked bodies" or even this "If you want to see naked bodies - you likely think about sex therefore you are pervert, so I won't show myself to you"

Shyness in nudism?

These people are trying to separate nudism from pervs, but they are trying too much.
Nudism is a mindset when nudity is OK.
If you are clothed where everyone is nude - then you are not a nudist, and it is important.
If you stand naked in front of me - then I see your naked body, what else?
And dammit, if nudity is OK - it means OK and there is nothing to hide, and in general, the argument about perverts is a perversion.

Yes, as nudists we show and see nude bodies when we get together.
Yes, some people have beautiful bodies and it is pleasant to see them. Is it wrong?
Yes, some people may want to make acquaintance with someone who is naked... or clothed... does clothing prevent it?
Yes, someone can be aroused when seeing nude body of gender of interest. It depends on experience of seeing nude people.
Yes, in Internet someone can use our photos for sexual satisfaction. But this is their guilt, not ours.

I've been told that I am beautiful, sexy, I got sexual comments, no doubt that commenters were sexually aroused by me. But dammit, I've posted naturist photos, it is not my fault how perverts treated it.
Moreover, the more nude bodies and images are seen around - the more acceptance and normalization it leads.
I hears that women react more emotionally to perverts... but...
Their regular photos in swimsuits could be "shameful" or "sexual" for people of another culture... and this is unrelated to photos, it is related to viewers.

What do you think about it?

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RE:Good to see you! Or not good?

I agree and you are certainly one of the most open of all of us. I enjoy the photos and your openness as I am sure many others do. I strive to live up to that.

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RE:Good to see you! Or not good?

I agree, natural is just that. Be free ...

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RE:Good to see you! Or not good?

very well said I agree with it all, I just love being naked wish I could be 24/7, but what I run into in the u.s.a. everyone thinks nudity equals sex they don't understand it dosnt.have a wonderful naked day

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RE:Good to see you! Or not good?

I agree, the attitude of the beholder defines they're attitude not yours. Be free, be open, be you. Nude is just that, without clothes.

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RE:Good to see you! Or not good?

My take on it is that I wouldn't think twice about sitting open legged or bending over if I had clothes on, so why would I when I'm naked?

Exactly! Mostly I've had a positive reaction to my nudity, especially from the ladies. Perversion is in the eye of the beholder, be they a puritan or a pervert themselves. Over Christmas I was sat with a big group in a bar (all clothed) when the conversation turned to body piercings. Then one young lady asked to see mine. I lifted my kilt and showed her them (a chunky PA and another in my sack). She said "Gosh, that's awesome".

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RE:Good to see you! Or not good?

Just need to get over the shyness and get naked. We come in all shapes and sizes so dont be ashamed of any underside asset or oversized gut. We are all human and on here to celebrate being naked.

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